Curated from our very own in the UK, MKI MIYUKI ZOKU was founded in 2010 by creative director Vik Tailor. His vision was to bring a concept store never seen before in the heart of Leeds, bringing a new style and ethos to the city, targeting the knowledgeable fashion consumer.

Since opening its doors 9 years ago, MKI have grown quickly in the UK, becoming the go to brand for affordable streetwear that remains of a high quality, whilst also establishing a reputation as a go-to fashion store when in the north of England.

The whole focus of the brand is to offer quality, designer garments at a much more accessible price point for their target market. A strong design focus lays on ready to wear garments with bold, innovative graphics, whilst also offering a simple, clean and aesthetic look. Most noticeably, their range of Sherpa hoodies and ¼ zips have been a huge hit across their fan base.

The meaning behind the name MKI MIYUKI ZOKU only adds to the authentic culture that the brand has curated. The MKI MIYUKI ZOKU were a Japanese Youth Tribe who were the first to adopt elements of the US IVY league look way back in 1964. To add, the word ‘ZOKU’ means subculture or social group which reflects the very essence of the streetwear community. The group consisted of both guys and girls, mostly in their late teen, who are labelled as being the pioneers of bringing American style over to Japan.  MKI themselves are very much creating and continuing to grow their own ‘ZOKU, which has amassed to over 40,000 people on Instagram.

MKI have developed a strong organic growth in the last 5 years, both on and off line. Most noticeably, the brand is stocked in Selfridges, End, Harvey Nicholls and Seven Store. This wholesale approach has been key for the brands continued growth, bringing invaluable exposure and the recognition they deserve.

In my opinion, what MKI are doing for the streetwear industry is fantastic. In recent years, the streetwear industry has become too much about the ‘Hype’, where monetization sits at the forefront. So, by offering on trend high quality items that reflect an authentic story at an affordable price point, MKI are making the community more accessible, which in my thoughts is their strongest USP

Go check them out gang!



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