The Art of Tailoring


When I first think of menswear my mind wanders to tailoring: the art of the suit. When in the city, most people recommend to take a moment and look up, we often forget to appreciate the beauty of our surroundings and there really is some stunning architecture in London. I however have a slightly different approach when wandering down one of the most famous fashion streets in London: look down. When passing by the shop fronts on Saville Row, take a moment to peer into the workrooms below. Through the glass is a literal window into the art and craftmanship of the suit.

From looking down to looking right up to the top of the fashion tree at couture’s take on tailoring during Paris Fashion Week which saw a unique and stylish approach to modernising this art form. Dior showcased an eclectic mix of silks and sweeping shapes contrasted with bold lines and strong silhouettes, creating a blur between traditional men’s tailoring and women’s dress making. To contrast, Givenchy’s bold use of colour, sharp structure and fun flares certainly made an impact on the runway.

Sadly, we can’t all afford the luxuries of high fashion, but there certainly are some top brands out there you need to hear about before heading to Burton or Next for that wedding you’ve got to go to at the end of the month. Huge respect to our loyal providers of wearable, high-street suits for those moments when can’t even help, but for those of you wanting something a little unique, take a look at these options.

A relatively new brand, established in 2004 is Steel & Jelly. A particular favourite of my other half, partly because of the fashion but also because the name is just quite cool. A traditional and affordable brand offering stand out pieces with colour variety and interesting prints.

Noose and Monkey, now known as Twisted Tailor are ones to watch. A plethora of vibrant styles and original cuts who are indeed twisting tailoring to new levels. This brand will definitely steer you away from the safety of black or navy.

I’ll always be in awe of the beauty of the suit, the precision pattern cutting, the intricacy of each stitch, the power of communication and expression, the history and symbolism. But, arguably, the most important aspect that women’s wear just hasn’t caught up with; the pocket. Forever will I be jealous that a man’s trouser pocket has the ability to contain the equivalent contents of a handbag…


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