Not only good for you but the planet too ! Bulldog Skincare Launch Environmentally Conscious Shower Gels  

Showering or washing is something we do, or should do everyday. Let’s face it Showering is a key part of a man’s daily regime, but until now, men have had to compromise when it comes to the product they use in the bathroom.  Experts in men’s skincare, Bulldog’s new line of environmentally conscious and vegan-friendly shower gels care about their impact on the world. They pride themselves on only using gentle, naturally derived cleansers, natural fragrances and bottles made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.  What’s more, these shower gels come in an oversize 500ml and 1L bottles to cut down on the amount of packaging per wash.Original Shower Gel

Featuring our signature scent with top notes of bergamot, lemon and lime and base notes of cedarleaf and juniper, this non-drying shower gel will gently cleanse your skin so that you are ready to face whatever the day throws at you.

Lemon & Bergamot Shower Gel

The light and refreshing explosion of citrus will give you the perfect morning pick-me-up whatever the weather is doing outside. This sunny shower gel has been formulated to cleanse your skin.Peppermint & Eucalyptus Shower Gel

Minty and invigorating, this is the ultimate post-gym shower gel. This refreshing treat is not at all drying yet will leave you feeling as clean as a whistle. Pop one of these in your gym bag and keep it in your bathroom after a sweaty commute home from work.Vetiver & Black Pepper Shower Gel

Warm, earthy and comforting, this spicy shower gel will cleanse your skin after a long day. We recommend using this before a hot date or a big night out for a soapy pre-event boost.


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