What’s new Charlie Brown ?

Well an awful lot if you care to look around, Charlie Brown and his Peanut friends do seem to be everywhere at the moment. The Peanuts gang, of course including Charlie Brown and not forgetting the effortlessly cool Snoopy, have seen an exhibition in their honour, just come to a close at Somerset House, London, which was to rave reviews, had people queuing out the door and set social Media on fire.

Additionally, iconic watch brand TIMEX re-released their classic and still much in demand Welton Vintage Snoopy watch, which pays homage to Charles Schulz’s globally renowned and much-loved comic creation, mr Joe Cool, himself Snoopy. 

Now if that wasn’t enough, following on from the exclusive collaboration between the genius Garbstore and the USA-based label in 2018 to celebrate the stores 10th anniversary, TSPTR – an acronym for Truth, Symmetry, Pleasure, Taste and Recognition – specialise in sportswear inspired by vintage ‘60’s and ‘70’s American surf culture and collegiate style.

TSPTR introduces an anaesthesia to a Pre-Apocalyptic world, where our youth are discontented, disillusioned and disorientated with the state of their nation. 

Now available at the brilliant Notting Hill concept store Garbstore, it arrives as a collection of sweatshirts and tees emblazoned with Peanuts characters Snoopy, Charlie Brown and, of course, Woodstock, now if these don’t make you smile nothing will.


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