A right couple of Harrys- The #IAMNOTAFRAID Campaign

You may or are about be made aware of the #IAMNOTAFRAID campaign by Men’s care brand Harry’s, who have launched a unique partnership with Premiership and England footballer Harry Kane on a campaign that embraces difference, integrity, hard work and determination. 

Harry’s and Harry Kane go further than the shared name. It’s about shared values.  In 2017, Harry’s published ‘The Masculinity Report’ and found that British men most aspired to core values such as reliability and dependability, and gained the greatest sense of wellbeing from satisfying work and committed relationships. Many see Kane as the  embodiment of these values.

Because despite being not too shabby at football, Kane’s not afraid to be himself; to step up when necessary and to ask for help when he needs it.  Harry’s, want to promote these characteristics and see Kane as being made of different, more genuine stuff and shatters the industry stereotype.

Both Harrys share the commitment to amplifying the conversation around men’s mental health, they care about charitable initiatives and making a positive impact on the lives of men. As part of that effort, as a brand they set aside a percentage of their sales, for charitable organisations.


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