This is the one – Kent & Curwen X The Stone Roses

Let me paint you a picture and if I may indulge in a little self nostalgia. It’s a barmy warm day in May and I’m on my way to a chemicals plant in Warrington. Woah ! Don’t you dare leave, it’s gets better, I promise ! The year is 1990 and I’m off to Spike Island, yes what became known as the Woodstock to my generation, I’m going to see the seminal and most influential band of the 1990’s The Stone Roses!!!!

What a day and to makes matters even better, I’ve managed to bag myself a backstage pass, honestly, thank you Michael Fitzgerald, I don’t think I could ever thank you enough for that. It’s the end of the night, we’re on our back to the car to bring us home, not gonna lie, tad gutted not to have met the guys, but still buzzin. Then, we get called over to an area near the stage, no biggy we manage  to make our way through only to be flipping introduced, extremely normally to the lads themselves. If I’m completely honest the next couple of minutes are a literal blur, but reading between the lines and unfortunately knowing myself and countless past hero moments. I think it must’ve gone something along the lines of;

  • I talk nonsense and coolness goes totally out the window.
  • I frantically search for a pen for the lads to sign my posters, plural not singular. Probably, ending in me yelling, HAS ANYONE GOTTA PEN ? 
  • I walk off with a smile on my face which isn’t removed for a good 24 hours with several signed Stone Roses posters later. 

Fast forward, nearly 30 years, the kids of today are obsessed with everything 1990’s from the TV shows, the movies, of course the music and lets not forget the fashions.

Now I certainly wasn’t the only fan of The Stone Roses or to be hugely inspired by them. Two other guys you may have heard of were too and have used the iconic artwork of The Rose’s John Squire as inspiration for their SS19 collection. 

Kent & Curwen Creative Director, Daniel Kearns grew up listening to The Stone Roses, for him they are a band that established the look and the sound of the 90’s. Squire’s artwork and music created by both John and Frontman Ian Brown now forms the inspiration for the Kent & Curwen Spring/Summer 2019 collection which celebrates the feeling of British summertime, iconic British music and British culture.

To complete the collection, Kent & Curwen incorporated the iconic rose logo, reimagined by Creative Director Daniel Kearns onto a selection of T-shirts and sweatshirts. The combination of the iconic lemon slice and the handstitched vintage woven rose patches in yellow, green, grey and blue mark the new direction, creating a modern lifestyle brand based on the authenticity of its legacy.

Ohhh and Kearns’ business partner not only is a bit of a Roses fan himself, and has in fact been known to take himself and his kids to appreciate the delights of this 90’s phenomena, but is an adopted son of the city famous for being the birthplace of the Stone Roses. What’s his name again? Ohhh yeah David Beckham. 


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