Emulating Steve McQueen – Style Icon and the Ultimate In Cool

“I live for myself and answer to nobody.” –  Steve McQueen

Almost 40 years after his death, Steve McQueen’s legacy still remains. His effortlessly cool outfits with just the right amount of edge helped build his bad boy persona and continue to inspire many today.

Rugged with just a hint of sartorial splendour – McQueen’s most iconic looks include well-tailored three-piece suits paired with Persol 714 sunglasses, his signature Baracuta Harrington jacket and understated roll neck jumpers under a fitted blazer. Not one to follow rules and unphased  by the latest trends, he often donned double denim with a pair of desert boots – a look that is notoriously difficult to pull off, yet he managed it with ease.

His confidence gave him the ability to look as comfortable in bespoke tailoring as he did in a leather jacket. A bit of a style chameleon, McQueen could switch up his looks between the red carpet and the racetrack. He did everything on his own terms, and was known for his ruthless interviews and charming yet nonchalant attitude. This made him the epitome of 60s counterculture – a time when opposition to societal norms was the essence of coolness.

It’s no surprise that the actor still holds the title of the King of Cool – an authentic anti-hero from the streets who went on to become a star of the silver screen. To find out more about the man, movie star and legend, check out this piece by ROX


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