Justin Bieber introduces streetwear brand DREW!


DREW HOUSE – ”Drew House is a place where you can be yourself. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAHSDBKSJDHFL. Wear like you don’t care. Come Chill. K. Bye.”

Justin Bieber has been in the limelight since the tender age of 13 becoming a youtube sensation with his career only flourishing from there. In his earlier years, Justin’s style was what you could call questionable! In the last 5 years, he has become a street style icon for some, often being pictured on a daily basis! Justin was one of the first to have been seen and basically became the face of, the highly respected, the Fear of god brand/style. Recently, unless you have been living under a rock, you would’ve heard his nuptials to supermodel girlfriend, now wife Hailey Baldwin (Bieber) in a secret ceremony but more importantly to us he has created his very own streetwear brand! For those of you who don’t know, I’m kinda thinking that this might count for a lot of you,  Justin’s middle name is Drew and this is what he has named his most recent business venture.

Imagery – https://www.instagram.com/drewhouse/?hl=en

Recently a style which some have called Sleazecore has become very popular with celebs like Jonah Hill, Pete Davidson and the main man Justin Bieber being key faces in this new phenomenon and we believe his brand Drew is taking massive inspiration from this latest trend. A lot of the designs from the brand simply have ‘Drew’ printed across them or have the classic smiley, Acid House, emoji. The collection consists of Tshirts, Hoodies and Shorts ranging between $48 to $148(£35-£125) but considering that all of the products are made ethically in LA this is a balanced price point to be sat at and would highly recommend checking it out.

The collection has that retro aesthetic which may be a throwback for a few of you. Split into two capsules the first features a range of brown & beige corduroy which has ‘DREW’ printed across the front of the majority of these pieces. The second features some more vibrant colours with red and yellow t-shirts seen!

The first product released by the brand was a classic pair of hotel slippers with the brands smiley face logo for the small price of $5 but these sold out in a matter of hours! One of  Justin’s most recent Instagram posts hinted he could be venturing in the jewellery game with his brand! What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!


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