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Yes, it is the season to be jolly and what is the best way to do this? Well, obviously it is to bust out your best and most ridiculous Christmas jumper that you have or can physically find. Christmas is creeping up on us incredibly quickly so here is a gentle reminder that if you haven’t brought any presents yet you should really be getting your rear in gear and checking out some of our most recent posts.

1) A classic cable knit is the perfect jumper for this festive period being both warm, stylish and a great alternative for those of you not to keen to wear a penguin on your stomach. However, sometimes these knits can be too heavy but we have found one with the perfect balance! FatFaces Men’s classic cable crew neck jumper is a level above the rest as it offers the same look in a medium weight jumper whilst being incredibly soft. It was incredibly hard to pick but you should defiantly have a look at their knitwear section.

2) Now we are going full-on granddad on you with this awesome sleeveless jumper from M&S, they have taken some classic knitwear pieces and taken a very fun approach in the designs this year with many of them allowing your inner child to come out over the Christmas period! Don’t be boring go extravagant with some fishing penguins and dependant upon how festive you are feeling chuck some tinsel in there.

3) Doesn’t everyone love a bit of a pun? Well if you remember LMFAO from you may have heard of ‘I’m sexy and I know it’ but what could potentially be better than that, well something which includes a snowman and says ‘I’m sexy and I snow it’. Boohoo men are offering some of the more humorous jumpers that we’ve seen and they won’t break the bank so check them out.

4) When you think of Santa Claus you think of a rather large gent who has an obsession with mince pies and milk but what if we told you that he had a six-pack, classic biker tattoos and looked as though he drinks protein shakes? Let’s face it you wouldn’t believe us! Well, maybe you should check out Burton and change the classic Santa look. For the price of £25, you can’t complain.

5) Christmas dinners can take an incredibly long time to cook and I’m sure that many of you get bored cooking them, so board games are always something fun to result too but carrying them around is slightly annoying. This jumper from M&S allows you to carry a game around at all time but on the front of your jumper so no worries about forgetting it.

6) Now we are going for something which will bring out everyone’s inner child this Christmas jumper has a bit of everything from Snowmen, Santa Clause, Christmas tree’s and ho ho ho! Next, have offered something for all in one jumper, you should really check out their latest Christmas jumper collection.

7) For those of you with a higher price point we have found two incredibly cool jumpers that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd for their bold patterning and colour. Mr Porter is always a store, which you should check out.

Firstly the Acne Studios Slim-Fit Fair Isle Knitted Sweater is the perfect standout knitwear piece with a vibrant mustard colour found throughout with blue and red patterning. For the brands A/W 18 collection they got a group of 14-year-olds to sketch and well this piece came out amazing.

8) Kent & Curwen has always been a brand, which we at Clothes Make the Man love, and this piece is no exception! The Davidstow Fair Isle Wool And Alpaca-Blend Sweater is a classic Cricket sweater made in Italy. Made from a mixture of Wool and Alpaca it is one of the softest in the fashion game!


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