Post 7 of 12 – TUX it up with 6 of the best Tuxedos, perfect for Christmas Party Attire

This coming Friday not only sees it being Christmas Jumper Day in aid of Save the Children, but according to research is the most popular day to hold your Christmas work’s party !!!!

Yes that one night of the year, when your told to let your head down with your co-workers, but not too much. To informally chat with your boss, but not too much. To get blind drunk and photocopy your body parts and stick the copies all over Pat from accounts desk. 

Yes the office Christmas party, can come in so many different forms. Push all the desks and chairs to the corners and get Sandra from HR’s brother in law, Alan, to bring in his decks and can play inappropriate music mixed in with a bit of Slade and Mariah. Or maybe it’s all off to the local fancy Italian for a traditional festive meal and a little too much chianti is mixed with Limoncello and Bob from IT is caught kissing Sue the receptionist under the mistletoe, ahhhh until Monday. 

Anyway enough of all that, let’s get down to the important stuff, what to wear. In past years we’ve informed you on the importance of not looking as though you’ve tried too hard and spend time labouring over your chosen outfit, but at the same time make sure you look like you care and have made an effort, which is super true and great advice. So with this in mid our advice for you this year is dress to impress ! Yes dress up, make an effort and ensure when you walk in the room, everyone looks at you for all the right reasons. The simple an easy way to do this is to Tux it up, yes wear a tuxedo, channel your inner bond and out shine the rest and we have one to suit not only every pocket but every age too. 

First up we have, get ready for it, drum roll please, M&S !!!!! I know, now this is a little diamond and is crazy light on your wallet. Old Marks & Sparks have done a sterling job on seasonal party wear this year and get in quickly before they’ve gone.

Next on the list is something a touch more expensive, OK a whole lot more, but see it as an investment piece, which if you don’t indulge too much in the mince pies and brandy butter over the Yuletide you’ll have for many years to come. This beautiful number from Hugo Boss, Classic, Cool but not Conformist.

Young or young at heart, add a bit of colour to the festivities and enter into the Christmas spirits with this burgundy two piece from ASOS.

OK so hear me out on this one, Tom Ford is a master of style, I mean he does dress 007 himself. This amazing sartorial piece of tailoring may set you back a bob or thousand, but it is worth every penny the talent Texan is definitely worth it.

Now we swing from the Classic to the Contemporary with this great example from Twisted Tailoring, formerly Noose and Monkey. But what this wonderful piece of styling also show us is, you don’t have to always team a Tux up with a shirt and bow tie, roll neck is a brilliant spin on this classic.

Finally, we’ve all seen the classic black traditional tuxedo but this twist on a classic is brilliant, from the Flintoff range at Jacamo this great Navy take will have you looking tip top wherever your Yuletide Festivities are, without breaking the bank.


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