Halloween outfits which are so good it’s scary!


I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey

Everyone’s favourite time of the year other than Christmas has come around, it is the one time of the year where it is acceptable for a grown man to dress up as the Grim Reaper and go knocking on random people’s doors. If you are or planning on going on a diet forget about it as you will soon be Feeling guilty whilst stuffing your face with the mini bags of Haribo from your kids stash of Trick or Treat delight. But if you are simply looking for some killer Halloween outfits then look no further!

We are going to build it up, so lets start off with some of the more low-key items. Knitted jumpers are a necessity every Autumn and why not get a classic piece made for the occasion. The ASOS Halloween Pumpkin Jumper is perfect for those not too keen to standout however still wanting to get into the spirit, the perfect party piece!

Boohoo man is the king of affordable fashion and this Halloween it is not disappointing! You can pick yourself up some graphics tee’s for as low as £7.00 whilst still remaining in the Halloween spirit. From dripping blood to skulls and cross bones they have something for everyone (don’t they always). Not only are they offering a range of t-shirts and onsie’s but also undies and socks, you can never have enough of them, so snap them up whilst you can as its only once a year (unfortuantely).

A two-piece is a must for everyones wardrobe and nothing screams Halloween more than Skulls and Bone, the answer is simply connect the two and ASOS have done this perfectly to create a badass costume. However, it doesn’t end there! A full face of gruesome make up will make even the toughest yoof run or hand over their sweets, completely up to you.

What kind of Halloween would it be without the face of it himself Frankenstein, he is one of the most iconic character probably to have ever been created, however this one isn’t wanting to eat brains he’s more of a friendly giant smiling with his large yellow nashers and no we aren’t talking about the editor ;), Trust us when we say you must go and look at this outfit as heads will be turning again and again.

Now for an outfit that will put Goldilocks to shame with the Adult Cousin itt costume, this will take your Halloween look to another level, actually another realm (in Halloween terms). This is an outfit that will even make the monsters run, for the best outfits you must go to Jokers’ Masquerade, it has something for everyone.


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