University starter pack – Keeping it fresh as ever!!


That time of year has come around again with many teens bidding farewell to their incredibly unsure yet emotional parents as they prepare for life away from the warmth of home. We are sure many of you have incredibly fond memories of your University experience; any funny ones please do leave in the comment section to give us a laugh!! Unfortunately, fancy dress costumes aren’t something which you can wear everyday although you may think that after fresher’s. You will actually have to style it out in your own clothing and on the odd occasion you do this, here is a starter pack for looking good whilst studying.

Comfort always comes first so it is essential that you have your fair share of tracksuits for those book days, Adidas offer a classic tracksuit set however thanks to a wide choice of colours now introduced you don’t have to ever be low-key. Just to name one the Ash Blue colour way is something different however not too in your face and with a back to school offer at Adidas online you really don’t want to miss out!However, unfortunately you can’t be in comfy clothing forever, with night outs being your opportunity to dress up and gain some style and street cred, rocking a pair of checked trousers with a funky colour seen as an incredibly classic look with a modern twist. You can find a good choice of trousers on Weekday all at brilliant pricing for the quality offered with our pick of the bunch being Checked suit trousers seen below.

Basic tees are a must for university, actually not just university but life in general! Having a wide range of coloured tee’s means you will always be prepared for any last minute outfit change. However, if you want to change it up every so often striped tees offer a point of different and make an outfit just cooler overall! Puma have recently been releasing plenty of tees; you should definitely have a look.

A recent post which you may have seen from us was the up rise of Dad shoes, these are shoes with a thicker sole which usually wouldn’t have been the nicest however they are now a style must! The Yung 1’s were some our favourites and since that post was released the most hyped full white colour way has been released and they are a shoe which above all offer comfort.

Good luck to all those who begin a new chapter in their lives, we at Clothes- Make-the Man can’t change your grades (unfortunately) however we can assure that you look good whilst doing it and please don’t forget to use your student discount!


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