PAQ – The future of Fashion ?


Paq is one of the fastest growing YouTube channels that has been seen in recent times with the channels pure focus being on the fashion industry as a whole and various styles from some of the biggest trends of today, as well as the future (shout out to Astro boy), sorry, what, pardon ? Just what exactly is, are a Paq? The four presenters, Elias, danny, Shaw no Dex, are incredibly different in the ways that they dress; however this channel truly shows that you should not judge a book by its cover the friendship bond which they all have some tight, endearing and funny at the same time.

But what are these four Horsemen of the style apocalypse about? First up,  Danny has a very classic style with Fred Perry being his go to brand paired with some nicely fitting trousers and loafers showing a different style to the street wear dominated industry of today!

Elias shows what we would call the most out their style with from all the boys with his love for high-end and futuristic designs formulating his personal style, however beyond the bright colours he showcases multiple styles making each one his own.

Shakka.d.badmon makes each outfit individual through his creative eye as well as implementing his art background within all the personal challenges they are set. In multiple challenges he has shown his artistic eye by personally altering garments, also congrats on your recent graduation!(brains as well)

Dex’s style in one word would be ‘Black’. All of his outfits consist of this colour however he changes it up through wearing different clothing silhouettes and branding which makes his overall look ‘incredibly him’. However when he does venture out of just black he really suits it with the most memorable being the red track suit in my honest opinion.

They are probably better known for hosting the best dressed ‘Youtuber’ Awards, this brought the whole Mens fashion YouTube community together with people shortlisted from the UK all the way to The US.

This competition consisted of three groups based on the amount of subscribers each ‘Youtuber’ had, once the public had voted for their favourite one from each group there was a final showdown which took place in Berlin where Magnus, Sangiev and Rickey Thompson all had to pick one outfit from a warehouse which had been set up by the Paq boys and HIghSnobiety.
This was something, which had never been seen before within the fashion industry, and if you haven’t already, we highly recommend that you go and watch The Best Dressed ‘Youtuber’ Awards as well as many others, which they have released.

We’ve been watching the Paq boys for a while now and seeing the channel grow as quickly as it has is something which we’ve very much enjoyed, they bring a different side to the ‘Youtube’ community and freshness to an increasingly, for the moment, dull industry. This is something we haven’t seen for a long time and its only going to get bigger and better, best of luck and we look forward to seeing your success grow.


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