Must have Summer accessories


We’re now beginning to see snippets of the weather one would’ve expect at this time of year in paradise or as some others would call it England, usually questionable however this year its looking on the up and hopefully we haven’t spoken too soon. What you tend to find in modern styling is that the actual outfit in itself takes a bit of a back seat at times with the accessories completing and making the overall look, therefore these are some of our key accessories for this summer to elevate your personal style!

Bucket hats-

The 90’s was dominated by full tracksuits a pair of clean trainers and not forgetting the headwear hats! From Hip Hop’s Run D.M.C to Manc Indie Gods The Stone Roses, well Reni, were very much ambassadors for the classic bucket hat. But thanks to the ever so dominant streetwear scene and influencers within it, this style has come back with a vengeance and is doing the rounds this very Summer with our number one pick being the Kangol Bermuda White bucket hat.


Some would of thought that Men’s jewellery had reached its peak however the demand continues to grow with items such as rings and bracelets becoming key pieces in your sartorial gent’s day to day outfits, with the Great Frog being our number one pick for adventurous men’s jewellery.

Whilst we’re at it we cant forget necklaces these add that little something to an open shirt look whilst walking along a white sandy beach or over a clean white t-shirt, basically you can’t really go wrong.

Jean chains-

Very Rock n Roll nonetheless something which we believe could become a staple piece within wardrobes very soonit is the jean chain, this helps outfits that would have previously been considered as basic only improves the look as an overall, there are many available with ones including beads and others such as key (fake) in case anyone was wondering, We find ASOS offers the widest variety at the best pricing with classic designs all available.


Possibly the most obvious one! Sunglasses offer varieties like no other and this Summer we highly recommend you venture out of the norm, try a different shaded lenses with pretty green offering a Red lenses, these automatically make you stand out from the crowd and improve your overall summer style.


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