Twenty Ways to Keep Your Body Cool, Fresh & Sweat-Free This Summer

Whether it’s working out in the gym, commuting on a packed tube, hot offices, or after work drinks on a sultry evening –  staying cool and fresh can be a challenge, particularly when the forecasters are predicting temperatures into the 30’s by the weekend. Indeed, 54.7% of Brits claim they suffer from heavy sweating and around 5% of the population are diagnosed with Hyperhidrosis (the clinical form of the condition). And according to Dan Bracey, the sweat expert, yes that’s his actually job title, for ODABAN antiperspirant, the problem is compounded by the UK’s typically humid summer weather, which leads to increased perspiration and feeling increasingly hot, bothered and embarrassed. In reality, practically everyone is affected by unwanted body sweat, often at precisely the wrong time – such as during dates, before work presentations, at the gym, travelling, or simply going about one’s daily routine with embarrassing sweat patches and body odour. Fortunately, Dan explains that by using the right antiperspirant and applying some simple tips, even sufferers of excessive sweating can stay noticeably cooler and fresher.

Stay Cool & Make Summer 18 ‘No Sweat’

1. Take a cooler shower: They’ve been shown to lower core temperature which is great for switching-off the sweat response. As a bonus they boost exercise performance.

2. Ditch the deodorant: Deodorant doesn’t prevent sweating and can result in unpleasant body odour.

3. Use ODABAN antiperspirant: It’s proven to safely partially-block pores and control sweating.

4. Don’t overuse antiperspirant: Using too much has an adverse effect – the secret is using a high-quality product and using the perfect amount!

5. Avoid clingy synthetic clothing: Wearing tight clothing man from man-made fibres such as nylon is a recipe for sweat.

6. Wear natural socks & underwear: Choosing cotton garments keeps things cooler and drier than synthetics.

7. Change twice a day: Stay fresh and cooler by changing socks and underwear twice a day.

8. Wear cooling base-layers: Invest in some special base-layers that contain cooling fibre technology – perfect for gym junkies.

9. Stay calm with meditation Apps: Combat sweat producing anxiety by using a meditation App in the morning and before meetings and travel.

10. Breathe deeply: Five minutes of slow, deep breathing helps calm the mind and body, reducing anxiety and core temperature.

11. Stay hydrated: Drinking the recommended 8-10 glasses of water a day helps maintain an optimal body temperature, delaying the sweat response.

12. Healthy BMI: A healthy body mass tends to reduce one’s genetic sweating level.

13. Maintain balanced blood sugar: Eat complex carbohydrates to avoid sugar crashes, which are linked to anxiety and an increased risk of perspiration. Berries, porridge and fruit are great.

14. Boost fitness levels: Better fitness helps to reduce the temperature and sweat response to daily activities.

15. Sleep fresh: Fight sweat with ‘sleep hygiene’, by wearing breathable pyjamas, sleeping in a cool room and using fresh cotton sheets.

16. Cooling water: Add cooling ingredients such as cucumber, mint and watermelon to water for more refreshment.

17. Spritz sprays: There are countless sprays on the market with cooling essential oils which can help ease anxiety and help reduce body temperature.

18. Fashion fan: Fans are one of 2018’s fashion must haves – and they’re also a great way to stay cooler, calmer and fresher.

19. Cool mist diffuser: Put a cool mist diffuser on your desk to help reduce body temperature and aid calmness.

20. Wearing black or white: If you’re prone to sweating, wearing plain black and white clothing can minimise embarrassing ‘patches


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