Brief Encounter – Oliver Sweeney X Nadav Kander

The tale behind today’s post, is like the plot of a film. Two strangers who just so happen to work next door to each other, strike up a conversation one day and from this conversation one thing leads to another and …..

Now, those two strangers just happened to be the cobbler in chief of one of the UK’s best known and respected footwear brands. The other one of the world’s most highly acclaimed photographers, known for his portraiture and landscape works.

So, essentially, I need to cut to the chase and stop this procrastinating. Iconic Photographer, Nadav Kander’s studio space resides in the same cobbled mews as, Great British footwear brand, Oliver Sweeney in Kentish Town, where Kander and Cobber-in-Chief, Tim Cooper, met and quickly struck up this aforementioned friendship.

What evolved from this was the realisation that Nadav needed a beautiful looking shoe that was comfortable and practical to wear whilst shooting his famous subjects and landscapes. Tim set out to
make this a reality and such the ‘Photographer’s Boot’ was born – a stunning, hand-crafted Chelsea
boot made from water-resistant suede with a flexible non-slip sole.
Originally designed as a one-off, the shoe was too perfect not to share, so Oliver Sweeney have produced a limited run of 200 pair s – available in Navy and Burgundy with contrasting elastic gussets for a splash of colour.

The boot is hand-crafted from luxurious Italian suede in the traditional Blake stitched constr uction. It also features the title of Nadav Kander’s fir st Monograph book – ‘Beauty’s Nothing’ – stitched onto the back of the boot.


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