Stay Shiny Happy People with Beverly Hills Formula Oral Care

Today is World Oral Health Day, OK so maybe not Christmas or Easter, but still an event day that should catch our attention. Particularly, when recent studies have uncovered such mouth dropping statistics as less than half of the UK population brush their teeth twice a day, despite 34% of us being worried about our smile.

Oral hygiene experts are encouraging us to pay more attention to the quality of their teeth cleaning routine. World Oral Health Day encourages us to take better care of our mouths as poor oral health can lead to chronic bad breath, heart disease, or in some cases, cancer. However, many people will be focused on the aesthetics of their teeth, not the health aspect that is so crucial.

By using a charcoal toothpaste you can combat both oral hygiene and keeping those pearly whites super shiny bright. Dublin based, Beverly Hills Formula is one of the longest and most trusted whitening brands on the market, having been formulated in California and then in 1992 the brand was later established in Ireland. Today, Beverly Hills Formula leads the way with their innovative Professional White and Perfect White range of whitening toothpastes and mouthwash.

Black Pearl, and the original black toothpaste Perfect White Black, are non-abrasive and contain Activated Charcoal, an effective and safe way to clean and whiten teeth which also helps combat plaque, gum disease and bad breath.

You can also try the award-winning Perfect White Black mouthwash. The first of its kind black ‘shake to activate’ mouthwash has been scientifically formulated to combat bad breath using Activated Charcoal, which for centuries was used as a method of whitening teeth and medicine by the Egyptians and Greeks.


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