JF Man offering Answers to time old hair dilemmas

JF Man is created by the experts behind one of the most pioneering and instantly recognisable hair brands, John Frieda. (Above) Drawing on three decades of experience in transforming hair, JF Man is a dedicated men’s collection of care and styling products that work together to tackle some of modern men’s most challenging hair concerns.

It offers a complete collection of products – both care and styling – to tackle two top grooming priorities: LIFT for thin, at hair that needs lift and support; and CONTROL for unruly, dry or thick hair that doesn’t plary by the rules. From shower to styling, each collection of products works in synergy to help maintain that fresh-cut style men often struggle to emulate at home and launching exclusively with Boots.

With regard to LIFT, these specially formulated set of products offer Thicker-looking hair starting in the shower. This invigorating Lift System Energising shampoo brings your hair to life by removing dulling product build-up, whilst giving you the texture that’s essential for creating and curating your smartest styles. Formulated with Keratin Protein, this Energising Shampoo cleanses, nourishes and strengthens for thicker-feeling, simpler-to-style hair.

The matte-look Lift System Lifting clay crème, with Keratin Protein and Vitamin B5, gives you everything you need to create and maintain a 12hr, natural-looking, fresh-cut style. Forget ddling with your hair to keep it in shape: this product lifts, de nes and texturises for thicker-feeling, non-greasy hair all day long.

Finally in this system, once you’ve crafted a thicker-looking, expertly lifted style, you need to lock it in place. This Lift System Humidity Blocking hairspray does exactly that: by blocking humidity it sustains a strong, natural, fresh-cut style all day and night.

Then we have control, this hydrating Control System Taming shampoo feeds your hair and removes product residue – nourishing and revitalising to improve manageability, so you can get the most out of hair that hates being told what to do.
Ideal for intensely dry, you have the Control System Calming Conditioner for rebellious hair, this controlling conditioner hydrates and detangles, leaving it easier to adapt your hair to exactly the style you want.

Then the third element in this part of the range is a strong-hold solution with Cucumber Extract, this Control System Grooming Gel gets unruly hair in hand and then holds it rmly in place, for fresh-cut style that stays on its best behaviour for as long as you do.
This control system sculpting paste puts the power to control your hair back in your hands – letting you deliver the look and feel of fresh-cut style without a weekly trip to the barber. It smooths & shapes coarse or yaway hair and helps you maintain a low-shine natural look. And last but by not means least is a smoothing styling crème with Cucumber Extract, Control System Smoothing Crème gives a sleek, classic look to hard-to-wrangle hair and provides a long-lasting, natural hold.



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