Showing their True Colours – Racing Green at Debenhams

Slowly and really rather stealthily Debenhams have been creating, what can only be classed as, a real niche in the menswear market for stylish, affordable men’s attire. Of course they have the wonderfully suave Hammond &Co by the equally suave Patrick Grant, but their other menswear collections have upped their anti in reason seasons, including J by Jasper Conran and Rocha John Rocha. This season they are joined by Racing Green exclusively at Debenhams.

Founded in 1990, the name Racing Green derives from ‘British Racing Green’ the colour made famous by the iconic British motor racing team of the 1900s. The team competing in the legendary Gordon Bennett cup begrudgingly took a green livery for their race cars, as red, white and blue were being used by America, Germany and France.

Rather than grumble, the British team turned circumstance to their advantage and their predicament into pride. By the time steely Selwyn Edge won the cup in a British-made green Napier in 1902, British Racing Green had become much more than just a colour. British Racing Green had become a symbol of victory.

They have always taken pride in keeping the spirit of racing history alive. Today Racing Green means classic British menswear made for the modern man.The brand focuses on contemporary designs and colour is key in the collection, from vibrant primary shades to softer pastel tones; styles are both affordable and attainable.


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