The Perfect Replacement to the Christmas Jumper

Words by Charlie Britton

The Christmas jumper. Oh what a sight to see. Some may say it’s a seasonal staple or a traditional Christmas law that we must abide, and I for one cannot stand it! (Bah Humbug!)
Don’t get me wrong. I love Christmas. Sitting around the table with the loved ones, wearing silly hats and accidentally ‘Christmas cracking’ a nail clipper into your food. Drinking sherry although secretly we hate it and heating up wine like it’s the smart thing to do… I mean yeah, we’re quite strange in our traditions but I for one wouldn’t change them for the world. Except Christmas knitwear. Why do we do this to ourselves?

Here at Clothes Make The Man, I’d say we’re split on our thoughts with regards to Yuletide sweaters, but I’m going to take you through some perfect examples of how to strut that Crimbo spirit, without the fashion faux pas!

christmas hats m&s
These guys are from this years Marks and Spencer’s Winter range. Okay, admittedly the pudding beanie is a bit out there, but it’s an accessory so it’s okay! Don’t fancy sporting a pudding on your pudding? Opt for the Fair Isle knitted beanie, a nice accessory to keep your head warm and fit in with the Christmas colours.

john lewis jumpers
It seems the Fair Isle design has taken centre stage this Christmas with John Lewis  and they’re collection of Winter wools. Both of these jumpers are fit for the occasion, with the Fair Isle jumper taking a slightly more ‘Christmassy’ swing. Alternatively, opt for this chunky red cable zip jumper, something which you could rock all winter without turning too many heads.

factface socks xmas
A subtle pair of socks is definitely an option for those who want to keep it extra low key! Fat Face have a great selection of Christmas socks, in a range of different colours. These two are definitely my favourite, and the remain quite neutral as far as socks go. Of course, if you want a pair with a bit more personality, have a look at their ‘Not just for Christmas’ socks.

Debenhams tiesOf course I couldn’t forget a good ol’ Christmas tie. Debenhams has a huge range of Christmas ties, some slightly louder then others but hey, each to their own right! These two guy are my favourite as they both wear the Christmas season colours, but still say ‘Hey, I mean business!’. The red Lands End tie sports a snowflake pattern on a silk and wool fabric, but the blue The Collection tie wins for it for me as everyone needs Rudolph at Christmas, but please keep the reindeer jumper in the wardrobe!

christmas jumpers
Lastly, if you really cant imagine a Christmas without one, have a gander of this years Christmas jumper range at Topman. They have a pretty witty selection of Xmas prints to get you through the holiday season, and to be quite honest, I kinda’ like them.. Yeah, that’s right, I like a Christmas jumper! My favourite has to be the Sleigh My Name jumper, it’s hilariously witty and beautifully black, proving you don’t need red’s and greens to pull of a Crimbo knit. I’ve also picked out the Christmas Jumpers Are Dead knit for those of you who would happily strut your inner Grinch. It’s still fabulously festive and I really can’t help but love the irony.

On a last note Gents, if you’re sporting a festive jumper this Christmas, get involved with Christmas Jumper Day. It’s in aid of Save The Children, and every little really does help. You can read more about it here – About Christmas Jumper Day – and see how lives are being transformed across the world. Let’s get silly for a serious cause.

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