The Great British Barber Shop

Words by Charlie Britton


Recent years have seen the male grooming scene grow from strength so strength, with more and more men taking extra good care of themselves. From hair creams and beard oils to skin care and aftershaves, we all have one thing in common, a trip to the local barber shop.

Cut throat wet shaves to scissor cuts and skin fades, the barber shop is an undeniably British place of rest bite, comfort and relaxation. Here at Clothes-Make-The-Man, we’ve tried our fare share of barbershops across the land, so we’ve decided to give you the low down on some of the best barbers across the British isles, so you can remain doubt free in the search for optimum manliness.


Launched in 2012 in Edinburgh’s West End, Ruffians went from strength to strength, winning hairdressing awards right off the bat with their first store. Now in four locations across the UK, Ruffians is by far one of the cleanest and slickest barber shops to date. Whiskeys and coffees all round, Ruffians offers a tailored consultation, clean cut and even vacuum’s your neck to end on a high, hair free note.


Sheffield’s little gem, Savills barber shop definitely stands out from the crowd. Equipped with 9 highly skilled barbers and a vast apothecary of grooming aids, you wont regret making a trip to the oldest school barber shop in the country. The antique furnishings, reclaimed gear and traditional uniforms ensure you feel you’ve stepped back in time, although the services provided are nothing but modern and clean cut.

Hidden away on the streets of Angel, Gents of London provides an authentic service like no other. Traditional theme with a modern service, this old school London barber shop can tailor each cut to every client, ensuring nothing but pure satisfaction is produced from some of the best barbers in town. Mod haircuts to skin fades and scissor cuts, this barber shop can offer something for every gentleman, and we guarantee you’ll feel right at home.

On the sunny streets of Exeter, the original Sandyman Chop Shop sits not so quietly, attending to the needs of gentlemen and lads alike. The tatted’ up guys at the Sandyman Chop Shop don’t look like your usual traditional barbers, but fear not, these guys know a thing or two about cut throat razors. Unwind with a beer or a glass of rum, and let the guys at the Chop Shop do their thing.

Dublin’s man cave, Cut & Sew, which started as a 1 man pop up, is a barber shop with a serious amount of style. Situated in two locations across Dublin, Cut & Sew provides a slick service with a smile. The original Cut & Sew is located underneath an old school record store, so you can sit back with a drink and enjoy the music, or even browse the apparel that they have to offer while you wait.

So there you have it, a few favourites of ours across Britain, keeping the men of today clean, crisp and ready to go. As the saying goes, ‘You’re only as good as your last haircut‘, so we can rest easy here at Clothes-Make-The-Man knowing you have the tools to find a cut above the rest.


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