It’s in the Blood – Bodileys


imageYou don’t have to be a shoe Aficionado to know Northampton has long been the home of the world’s top shoemakers. In fact even today, their football team is called “The Cobblers”.

Whilst we’ve been witness to the sad demise of UK manufacturing and the likes of Crockett & Jones, John Lobb have turned into truly international brands and Church’s having been acquired by Prada, one could say this is a sign of the times.

imageHowever, there are still pockets of resistance, one such being Bodileys. Located in the heart of this region, it was founded in 1919 and gained its reputation in the 1970s as one of the most reliable representatives of the best handmade English shoes worldwide.

Bodileys is, still, now hand making shoes in Northamptonshire using traditional craftsmanship and centuries old techniques.

imageSarah Dudley, fourth generation of the Bodiley’s business, is spear leading the development of export sales worldwide and marketing the Bodileys brand and established as a direct to consumer luxury e-commerce brand from

Over the last four generations, Bodileys’ distinguishing trade mark has been its unfaltering commitment to provide great customer service. Today, Bodileys is expanding its commitment to its clients by going back to its roots and recreating a range of the highest quality shoes.

imageSarah says of her venture, “This is a true labour of love for me and making shoes has always been a key part of my family’s identity: my grandparents and great-grandparents on both sides were shoe manufacturers. As Northampton’s other oldest brands have embarked on successful corporate expansion drives, I have been heartbroken to see Bodileys become increasingly overlooked. I am making it my life’s work to bring Bodileys firmly into the 21st century as the last remaining traditional Northampton shoe brand that is still truly independent and family run.”



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