Essentially Converse – Converse Essentials Range

img_0184Yep lets face the inevitable, it’s getting colder, the days are getting shorter and the clothes are going on.   Warm days leading into warm light evening are a thing of the past, for now people, let’s not get depressed, they will be back. But like we said, it is getting cold, so it definitely means we need to cover up.

If only one of our favourite, reliable brand would launch a range of essential pieces, you know easy to throw on hoodies, track pants, long sleeved T-shirts. Sorry, what do you mean they have !

img_0182Let us introduce you to The Converse Essentials collection, a range of timeless staples, designed to wear better with time. To provide unmatched comfort, with each detail being obsessed upon to cater to a lifestyle of maximum movement and mobility.

Obviously with Converse there is anod to their iconic Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers, the Converse Essentials collection not only looks better with age and wear, but becomes even softer with each wear, I know enough to make you weep. Each piece includes fabric that fades naturally with long-term wear, durable stitching and a managed shrinkage fit that remains the same throughout its lifespan.

The new collection including a tee, crewneck, pant and pull-over hoodie. The pre-washed material allows for minimal shrinking with men’s pieces cut for a modern fit allowing for maximum movement and layering all crafted to be both stylish and flattering.



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