The Evolution of the Modern Lounge Suit – The Commuter suit by Skopes

imageThe modern suit, or lounge suit, as we know it today has come along way since its birth in the 19th Century. Prior to this period mens formal wear was of a much more elaborately embroidered and jeweled style of attire. We have the Victorians to thank for modernising this form of menswear but it was post this era that more comfort was sort and we witnessed a loosening of rules which gave rise in the late 19th century to the modern lounge suit.

imageHowever, since then and into the 20th Century the suit seems to have been on fast forward and its altered its appearance every decade. From the formality of the start of the century, moving into the looseness of the Zoot suits of the 1930’s, to the dapper Mad Men if the 1950’s right into the flares and wide collars of the 60’s and 70’s. Then into the shoulder pads and sharp angles of the 80’s.

The contemporary lounge or business suit that we rely so much on for male formalwear has had to evolve equally with the styles and trends of today and embrace technology in exactly the same way that we have had to in our everyday life’s.

imageA perfect example of this integration is the Classic Fit Palmer Suit represents a new concept in tailoring for formalwear specialists Skopes. By adding the latest in textiles and technology to this classic sharkskin wool blend cloth, Skopes have created the ideal everyday Commuter suit in a selection of colours. It`s high wool content, water repellency, stain resistant coating, two way stretch, and its unique odour resist `Fresh Finish` (applied to both outer shell and inside linings) make this suit perfect for everyday use under the most challenging of circumstances. The additional number of internal pockets and elasticated loops for headphones, also gives this suit unbeatable properties for the modern lifestyle.



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