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imageHere at Clothes Mike the Man, we are bombarded by lacklustre PR’s, stating, “We challenge you to use our product in an artistic way” or “Why not try and use our amazing new ? Product in a way that has never been seen before”. Now we are a very polite lot over at Clothes Make the Man, brought up well and although we often think about replying with a cutting and Oscar Wilde-esque comment, like, “Sorry it’s too big a challenge in itself to use your product” or ” Creative and your product should never be used in the same sentence”. 

So when a couple of weeks ago an email arrived in our inbox from the grooming brand Lynx, Stating, “Peace for a Week” Challenge, it so nearly came to the same fate as many an email that comes our way, DELETE, DELETE, DELETE!!! However, something compelled me to read on, it must be my peace loving, never grumpy, always positive nature, yeah that must have been it.

Anyway the guys at Lynx in support of the Peace One Day campaign for World Peace Day on 21st September, are launching a new Lynx Peace variant. To launch the new product, a new campaign around the platform “Make Love Not War” is launching in this month.
Lynx wants to inspire the men folk out there to focus their passions and energy by doing something positive, something they love, all in the name of Lynx Peace.
Make love not war. Make beats not war. Make anything – just not war!
Lynx want to inspire you:
– To focus your passions
– To dedicate your talents
– To use your talents in a positive way

As part of this Challenge, Lynx wants you to enjoy ‘Peace for a Week’, by challenging you to embrace a peaceful attitude for a week – choosing to take a calm and peaceful approach when faced with difficult or frustrating situations. Examples of a peaceful action may include:
– Giving someone a seat on the bus/train
– Helping an elderly person cross the road
– Remaining ‘peaceful’ and not getting stressed in a long shopping queue
– To find time in the week to de-stress and remain peaceful e.g. having a bath
– Take time to do activities that ‘chill’ you out; listening to music, going to art galleries, watch films or retail therapy…whatever it might be!

OK then you got us, we accept your Challenge Lynx ! We will live our lives here at Clothes Make the Man in a totally, peaceful, pacifist manner for a week. Check back in on Friday to see how we got on.

More information on how you can get involved and make a difference, can be found on or

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