Give Peace a Chance – Lynx Peace Range, ‘Peace for a Week Challenge’

imageSo as I’m sure you’re very aware, a couple of weeks ago, Grooming brand, Lynx challenged our good selves here at Clothes Make the Man, to take part in their ‘Peace for a Week’ Challenge. So rather then losing the head and your temper when life throws at you the slings and arrows of modern everyday life, you take a deep breathe and make love not war. So in the name of the new Lynx Peace range,  they want to inspire you guys;

– To focus your passions
– To dedicate your talents
– To use your talents in a positive way

All of this non agressive statement is in support of the Peace one day Campaign for World Peace Day on 21st September, all a very worthwhile cause, I’m sure you’d agree.

After we readily accepted the gauntlet thrown down to us by Lynx, quicker then you could say World Peace Day, then a package was delivered to Clothes Make the Man HQ. Contained inside this rather mysterious hamper was a rather nifty Polaroid camera, a t-shirt and the complete range of Lynx Peace Grooming range to assist us in keeping to our pledge of ‘Peace for a Week’.

imageThe Lynx Peace range has a none surprisingly rather settling and peaceful fragrance which starts with top notes of violet leaf, bergamot, mandarin, lemon peel and yuzu. Its mid notes include apricot nectar, violet flower and nutmeg, with a dry finish that includes cedarwood, golden amber and patchouli. Lynx worked with Ann Gottlieb to develop the fragrances with the world-class fragrance house, Firmenich, to ensure it’s calming properties.

So how did our Peace for a Week challenge go and did we complete our mission ? Well, in all honesty, we did of course as we channelled our Yen like inner peace, but that wasn’t without certain modern day instances sent to try us (all you are about to read is 100% truthful! scouts honour).

Now, I have to point out we had just returned from a lil family break, which wasn’t without its own stresses and strains, but enough about that, overall we returned rested and stress free. Until, we arrived back and on Day one, yes day one, an articulated truck went into the side of my car ! And to make matters worse decided to carry on driving, Gawd bless him, or words to that effect, but it was Peace for a Week. You can imagine my reaction to seeing this, but that mantra of Peace for a week, Peace for a week. Well that and the fact the first person I saw was a kindly elderly lady in full salvation Army uniform. You can picture the scene like something out of a Jeremy Beadle Nightmare, expletives of all nature were on the tip of my tongue. But this angel in full Sally Army glory not only had witnessed the whole episode, but caught all of the driver’s details and proceeded to contact the local constabulary on our behalf plus had the crime reference number all ready for me, bless her.

Now, one might think, bad luck old boy, but it could have been worse and at least it’s over, well that’s what I thought too. That was until a representative of our Insurance company returned my call several days later to inform me that a Tow truck was on its way as in their infinite wisdom and without seeing the car, had decided it was written off ! Once again, yours truly had to recite the mantra of Peace for a Week and think of such great peaceful individuals of humankind like, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Will-I-am rather then the figures I really wanted to channel like Napoleon Bonaparte, Mike Tyson and Joan Rivers. It would have been all too easy, and satisfying to, both physically and metaphorically, tear a strip of this pen pusher, errrr sorry corporate representative. After all I had accepted a challenge and I was going to complete it, yes even if it did kill me. Now, you may be wondering, but how does this tale of woe finish, well in fact it does have somewhat of a happily ever after. As after several more mistakes a la our wonderful insurance company, including replacing our family sized car with a three door fiesta, which resulted in. Mrs Mc’s use of some rather. colourful language. I am happy to inform you we are currently driving round in a rather suave Volvo XC90, for our troubles and we came out the end other end of Peace for a Week relatively unscathed, thanks Lynx.


Love is all you need – Lynx Peace range

imageHere at Clothes Mike the Man, we are bombarded by lacklustre PR’s, stating, “We challenge you to use our product in an artistic way” or “Why not try and use our amazing new ? Product in a way that has never been seen before”. Now we are a very polite lot over at Clothes Make the Man, brought up well and although we often think about replying with a cutting and Oscar Wilde-esque comment, like, “Sorry it’s too big a challenge in itself to use your product” or ” Creative and your product should never be used in the same sentence”. 

So when a couple of weeks ago an email arrived in our inbox from the grooming brand Lynx, Stating, “Peace for a Week” Challenge, it so nearly came to the same fate as many an email that comes our way, DELETE, DELETE, DELETE!!! However, something compelled me to read on, it must be my peace loving, never grumpy, always positive nature, yeah that must have been it.

Anyway the guys at Lynx in support of the Peace One Day campaign for World Peace Day on 21st September, are launching a new Lynx Peace variant. To launch the new product, a new campaign around the platform “Make Love Not War” is launching in this month.
Lynx wants to inspire the men folk out there to focus their passions and energy by doing something positive, something they love, all in the name of Lynx Peace.
Make love not war. Make beats not war. Make anything – just not war!
Lynx want to inspire you:
– To focus your passions
– To dedicate your talents
– To use your talents in a positive way

As part of this Challenge, Lynx wants you to enjoy ‘Peace for a Week’, by challenging you to embrace a peaceful attitude for a week – choosing to take a calm and peaceful approach when faced with difficult or frustrating situations. Examples of a peaceful action may include:
– Giving someone a seat on the bus/train
– Helping an elderly person cross the road
– Remaining ‘peaceful’ and not getting stressed in a long shopping queue
– To find time in the week to de-stress and remain peaceful e.g. having a bath
– Take time to do activities that ‘chill’ you out; listening to music, going to art galleries, watch films or retail therapy…whatever it might be!

OK then you got us, we accept your Challenge Lynx ! We will live our lives here at Clothes Make the Man in a totally, peaceful, pacifist manner for a week. Check back in on Friday to see how we got on.

More information on how you can get involved and make a difference, can be found on or

To Boldly go where no Clothing range has gone before – Denham launch Official Training Kit for Astronauts

Michael Mol, Co-Founder of SXC

Michael Mol, Co-Founder of SXC


Some time last year The Space Expedition Corp (SXC) contacted Jason Denham of the Dutch based denim brand, DenhamScreen Shot 2013-02-01 at 09.49.35 regarding the opportunity of developing an official training kit for their future astronauts on board their commercial flights.  The brief was to develop an integrated training kit expanding on concepts which had already made appearances in their past collections, where Denham had worked with ideas regarding future-utility and their concepts to fuse historical research with progression and invention.

Now the result of this partnership is an integrated capsule collection including the Bernal Type 3 jacket, the Liner Type 3 insulator and the D-SXC pant. Participants in SXC’s space program receive the set exclusively in the company’s signature blue. The designs are also part of Denham’s F12 collection in classic black and slate grey.

Denham is not the only exciting partnership SXC has forged for this year, in collaboration with the Unilever grooming brand Lynx/Axe have  launched a global partnership, where winners of a competition can become part of their global Lynx or Axe Apollo Space Academy. This is where entrants will be prepared for the ULTIMATE challenge of actually travelling into space, resulting in 22 lucky winners boarding a Lynx suborbital spacecraft sometime in 2014 on a SXC mission into space !!!!!

The Denham/SXC Astronaut Training Kit






Get that all over smell to snare a mate(not that kinda mate) – Grooming

Following a Pan European study, Lynx or Axe depending on where your reading this wonderful blog, found that, an unsurprising 88 per cent of girls claiming that bad hair can be a major turn-off (que the sound of teenage lads stampeding off to their local chemist to buy this range). They believe that hard and crunchy hair look caused by traditional hair gels has been consigned to history and following on from this study the Lynx scientists in white coats, formulated and dreamt up this complete hair care range designed to fulfil male hair needs and the need of single guys to get a better half.

Developed with powerful, ingredients to fight dirty, greasy, flaky and over-gelled hair,(YUK) the new shampoo collection helps men get healthier looking hair.

All products in the range are designed to suit different hair needs and address every man’s hair concerns:

  • Anti Dandruff with active zinc to avoid those nasty white flakes
  • 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner to speed up your clean
  • Deep Clean to purify hair by removing grease, oil and product build up
  • Just Clean a shampoo for normal hair that makes it easier to style
  • Attract a shampoo with a more sophisticated long-lasting fragrance

Then to complete the hair transformation those clever geeks have come up with a range of styling products to achieve everything from a ‘spiked-up’ look, a clean cut look or the ‘just got out of bed’ messed-up look:

Spiked Up Look (Structuring cream)

Messed Up Look (Re-workable Paste)

Clean Cut Look (Defining Wax)

Attract extreme Hold Cream Gel

Extra Strong Hold Cream Gel

Strong Hold Cream Gel

The range is available from all good stockists and for more information on the Lynx Hair range visit or follow @LYNXEFFECTuk (#lynxhair)