A Fashion moment in time and Space – Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who by Dina Akhmetzhanova

imageWho would have thought that the biggest fashion moment of 2014(so far) would be, one, from the world of Menswear and two, the day the BBC revealed the Crombie clad look of the latest Doctor Who? It’s hard to tell whether it was the genius of costume designer Howard Burden or the surprisingly suave looks of Peter Capaldi who will be playing the part of the 12th (or 13th depending on your school of thought) Doctor, but it definitely stuck a chord with the public. Apparently within minutes of the release of the first pictures Crombie’s site was flooded by thousands of visitors,bringing the whole site down.Capaldi was propelled to the status of fashion icon overnight and is now trending at the top 10 in Google and social media. Take that Bieber!

So if you want to get “simple, stark and back to basics” look of Capaldi’s Time Lord here is how you can do it in your own way. The‘covert’ coat is undoubtedly the key feature of the look. Capaldi is sporting the Crombie navy coat with signature red lining, fly front and velvet colour. It’s a truly timeless piece fit for the Time Lord himself. It doesn’t come cheap, but the quality and style of the coat is worth every penny. If you find the real thing a bit pricy there are other cheaper alternatives on the high street.

imageThe Chaplin Coat from Reiss is much closer to Capaldi’s look. It has a flyfront, three front pockets and comes in the identical dark blue colour. The only thing missing is the velvet colour and the lining.

imageThis Tolou Herringbone coat from Ted Baker includes all the elements of classic covert coat velvet collar, fly front fastening and flamboyant lining. Even though the lining is not in dramatic red it features playful pattern of bow ties. You can think of it as nod to the style of the prior Doctor played by Matt Smith.

imageAustin Reed is one of the oldest British formal wear brands, so it may be a bit pricier than its neighbours on the high street but it is also better quality. Austin Reed’s navy covert coat is a shade lighter than Capaldi’s and doesn’t have red lining but other than that it is a great coat for any occasions.

The covert coat is one of those timeless items that never really goes out of fashion. So it’s quite appropriate for a  Time Lord and it’ll last you a lifetime. So if the Doctors’ new costume is anything to go by we are in for some great TV, come the Autumn.

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