A Fashion moment in time and Space – Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who by Dina Akhmetzhanova

imageWho would have thought that the biggest fashion moment of 2014(so far) would be, one, from the world of Menswear and two, the day the BBC revealed the Crombie clad look of the latest Doctor Who? It’s hard to tell whether it was the genius of costume designer Howard Burden or the surprisingly suave looks of Peter Capaldi who will be playing the part of the 12th (or 13th depending on your school of thought) Doctor, but it definitely stuck a chord with the public. Apparently within minutes of the release of the first pictures Crombie’s site was flooded by thousands of visitors,bringing the whole site down.Capaldi was propelled to the status of fashion icon overnight and is now trending at the top 10 in Google and social media. Take that Bieber!

So if you want to get “simple, stark and back to basics” look of Capaldi’s Time Lord here is how you can do it in your own way. The‘covert’ coat is undoubtedly the key feature of the look. Capaldi is sporting the Crombie navy coat with signature red lining, fly front and velvet colour. It’s a truly timeless piece fit for the Time Lord himself. It doesn’t come cheap, but the quality and style of the coat is worth every penny. If you find the real thing a bit pricy there are other cheaper alternatives on the high street.

imageThe Chaplin Coat from Reiss is much closer to Capaldi’s look. It has a flyfront, three front pockets and comes in the identical dark blue colour. The only thing missing is the velvet colour and the lining.

imageThis Tolou Herringbone coat from Ted Baker includes all the elements of classic covert coat velvet collar, fly front fastening and flamboyant lining. Even though the lining is not in dramatic red it features playful pattern of bow ties. You can think of it as nod to the style of the prior Doctor played by Matt Smith.

imageAustin Reed is one of the oldest British formal wear brands, so it may be a bit pricier than its neighbours on the high street but it is also better quality. Austin Reed’s navy covert coat is a shade lighter than Capaldi’s and doesn’t have red lining but other than that it is a great coat for any occasions.

The covert coat is one of those timeless items that never really goes out of fashion. So it’s quite appropriate for a  Time Lord and it’ll last you a lifetime. So if the Doctors’ new costume is anything to go by we are in for some great TV, come the Autumn.

I ♥ this collaboration – Nick Hart for Austin Reed

lens flare 16_LOW_RGBRumours of this partnership have been rumbling around for about a year now with many people dismissed it as pure speculation and never gonna happen. Well, here it is, Savile Row’s finest, Nick Hart Creative Director and Founder of the renowned sartorial brand, Spencer Hart is set to launch an exclusive collection in February 2013 with British tailoring brand, Austin Reed.


Nick, adds the finishing touches to the suit

Orlando Bloom, Benedict Cumberbatch, Robbie Williams, Dermot O’Leary, David Beckham, P Diddy and David Bowie are all fans of Nick’s designs and for this project, entitled AR RED Nick Hart, its tried to encompass his trademark influences from the world of music. From British jazz, soul and funk from the 70’s and 80’s, whilst taking inspiration from some of todays leading musicians such as Alex Turner of the Artic Monkeys.

Nick Hart says of the launch, “Taking into consideration the extensive tailoring heritage of Austin Reed, I have designed a range in my vision that is entirely accessible and wearable for the office and exudes the style expected of a modern day gentleman who has a contemporary attitude to businesswear and style.”

The collection includes Hart’s signature Shawl lapels, Peak Lapels and dresswear all cut with a very tailored fit. Key pieces include the sharp, slim fit suit in statement teal. A 3- piece dress suit with black satin lapel in both slim peak and shawl, offering a modish sophistication.Waistcoats are a major feature to the collection featuring Hart’s trademark lapels. Silk scarves and dark ties complete the looks.

Casualwear brings together key pieces including seersucker jackets, a gingham Harrington jacket and navy Harrington bomber style jacket.


Spring 2013 Preview

As stores start to get in their new Spring 2013 ranges and as the weathermen start to inform us of blizzards and freezing conditions. I thought I’d try and lighten the mood and give us something to look forward to. In the last couple of months of 2012, I was lucky enough to have a preview of countless apparel’s brands Spring /Summer collections for this forthcoming season from high end designer to high street brands. So I thought I’d give you a sneak preview, but keep it to yourself 😉 ENJOY.


Channeling a little warmer weather Tommy Hilfiger had some of the best swimwear around this season.



The Brilliant Sunglasses range Sunday Somewhere, well worth keeping your eyes peeled for, gettit !



Looking sharp and expect the unexpected from Peter Werth, over the next couple of seasons.



Look like a living work of art with casual wear brand FLY 53



We’ll definitely be seeing more of Tourne de Transmission, well certainly on here anyway.



Have to be honest, I L O V E love Hancock and they have a great back story. I know let’s do a post on them !



I can honestly say Camouflage HAS to be one of the biggest menswear trends for Spring 13 and this shirt from Addict is a great way of saying it. I have an idea this isn’t the last we’ll see of camo pieces.



I had to include this one, even though its more of a girls story, but if your stuck for a gift idea for the lady in your life these Eley Kishimoto X Clarks shoes will absolutely stunned.



This was one of my favourite jackets from the Press days and great for that unpredictable summer weather, well done Banana Republic.



Maybe its because of my love for Hitchcock but these sock from Thomas Pink are a much have for Spring.



Sir Paul Smith never fails when it comes to adding a spot of colour to our life and always manages to keep it looking masculine.



The day I saw this top with matching shorts from 55DSL, the weather was particularly fowl and left me longing warm barmy climbs.



Dr Martens are continuing to prove that they are going from strength to strength in the shoe department.



Smarten your act up over the summer with the simple deconstructed blazer by Boden.



Clarks have come up with this great footwear range based on its founder Nathan Clark, which has bags of potential to be expanded, in my humble opinion



These great boat shoes with a twist were a real pleasure surprise from Romain Kremer X Camper shoes



Told you we’d see more camo and this time it’s a collaboration by Passarella Death Squad X Boxfresh



OK granted not the most exciting of pieces but I guarantee Lacoste will have more planned to celebrate their 80th Anniversary !



One of the most exciting collaborations for Spring 2013 has to be Austin Reed X Spencer Hart, a lot of people have high expectations from this project and it don’t disappoint. More on this VERY soon.



A brand we haven’t heard to much from in this country for a while is J.Lindeberg. Well its well worth taking another look at them. The collection for Spring is amazing, this rucksack was a personal have but the burgundy tux and the tweed suits were worth smashing the piggy bank opening for !

Smarten yourself up this party season – The Velvet Jacket

The Christmas party season is nearly upon us and its cranking itself up to be a big one this Yuletide, whether you want to impressive your boss or another work colleague at the annual office party or if you want to cut a dash and look the part on Christmas Day while watching Downton Abbey. One piece of clothing that guarantees to transform any outfit into a sophisticated, suave look, worthy of any event, whether that be held at the Dorchester to the Dog & Duck, is the Velvet blazer. The Menswear sector of the Fashion industry are in complete agreement, from the catwalks of Milan and New York to the high Streets of Carlisle and Coventry, they all adore this piece for Winter 2012.

If it isn’t broken don’t try to fix it, Channel your inner milk tray man in this Black Velvet blazer by Ted Baker


Always one to perfect Traditional with a twist Paul Smith’s Brown Velvet blazer can be found @ MRPorter.com


Look Super cool in this Wine coloured double breasted Velvet jacket by ACNE exclusively for MRPORTER.com


A Contemporary Classic this Navy Velvet jacket by Austin Reed Cut


Any a purple haze to the Yuletide thanks to Marks & Spencer


Be a little different and stand out from the crowd in a good way in this Emerald Green piece by Tiger of Sweden @ Selfridges


A beautiful timeless Navy piece which will make you feel $1,000,000 by Reiss




Dress to impress – AskAnt

Salutations my friends I hope life is treating you well and off we go again on another voyage of discovery in this week’s AskAnt. This week’s subject was inspired to reach out after reading the column two weeks ago. The problem in question was sent in via an anonymous reader and regarded having started work at a Trendy Ad agency and wanting to fit in more via his workwear wardrobe. On a different but similar vein we have today’s subject matter;

OK then Antony, great name by the way, maybe think about improving it by adding a ‘h’. Anyway, I digress, essentially you have two interviews coming up for the same company,  in front of the same panel and you want to impress them to ensure you get the jobs you’re after. OK straight off you need to remember with job interviews, the interviewer/s make their mind up on the matter of whether you have or haven’t got the job within 15 seconds of meeting you. So first impressions last and making the right one is vital, so ensuring you are wearing the right clobber is essential. To help you on your way here are a few points to remember;

1) Never think you can overdress for an interview.

2) You have to feel comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing, it will help with you feel and come across in a confident manner.

3) Think about what you are going to wear, approach it like how you approach your interview. Research it, what will the weather be like on that day, raining, bring an umbrella and mac, Hot, don’t wear a shirt which may show swear marks and leave in enough time so you can arrive cool and relaxed. These are all factors that you have control over.

4) If you are going to invest in a interview suit, be conservative and classic now isn’t the time to show your creative side, stick with navy, grey or black with are multi purpose in their usage. Dame Vivienne Westwood, creates incredible suits but there is a time and a place and you want the focus of the interview panel on be on you, what you say and not on what you’re wearing. Yes, you want to impress them with your professional attire but not to let it detract from the point you’re trying to get across.

So, bearing in mind all the above points I assembled three opinions for you to choose from;

Black single breasted suit £129 from BHS

A good solid suit, at £129 you could buy a two different versions so you ensure you wear completely different looks to the interviews. Plus you get what you pay for so I would suggest buying slightly bigger and then having the suit tailored to you via a local trusted tailor.

Silver Grey Wool & Mohair suit £349 from the Inspired by Savile Row range by Richard James for Marks & Spencer.

Reliable, faithful and good quality, yes slightly more but you can’t go wrong with this section, we’ve discussed the how good the Richard James range is at M&S and we look forward to seeing what he turns out for Autumn. Make this suit look completely different for both interviews with accessories, maybe go white shirt, black tie and black oxfords for one and tonal colours for the other one finished off with a pair of tan brogues.

Blue Twill single breasted suit £599 by Austin Reed

Yeah I know this is slightly more expensive for an interview suit, but remember first impressions last and you WANT these jobs so you want to bowl the panel over with a professional, clean and crisp look.

So Antony, all that is left for me to do is to tell you, the choice is yours ??? Good Luck and let us know what your decision was and which job you end up taking, because of course, they’ll offer you both !  Join us again soon for another style clinic.