All Top Secret in Dept B – Barbour’s Secret Customisation Project proves great Inspiration

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 20.02.01In the light of the U.S Government finally acknowledging the existence of Area 51, Barbour thought now was the right time to own up and confess about their own shadowy project. “Department B‘’ was a special area in Barbour’s South Shields Factory that specialised in customisation, taking customer’s individual requests for extra pockets or special reinforcements and creating jackets that were unique and personal to each wearer. These requests and this special attention to detail are celebrated in Barbour’s latest Men’s Heritage collection, Dept. B.

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 20.01.29Whether it’s a hidden trim, an unusual stud, a zipper that also serves as a ring-pull, unfortunately not a build in life jacket or jet pack, at the moment – all these are located in clever places – meaning there is always something interesting to discover in the jackets, knitwear and shirts that make up the collection.

In its opening season, Barbour’s most recognisable pieces are given subtle yet meaningful makeovers. The Commander Jacket takes its customisation cue from the wardrobe department on Skyfall, who featured a Barbour jacket on James Bond. Taking its inspiration from this jacket, the new Commander jacket even references its iconic muse in its product code, which, of course includes the famous code name of the agent, 007, in its composition.

The art of customisation is referenced in the midlayers in this collection too, with bursts of contrasting colours, textures and trims featuring on pieces such as the Pym Zip Thru, the Dart Tee and the Hatch Polo.

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 20.00.09


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