Is there no Limit to what this brand can do – TOPMAN Limited returns

Shot_03_001.tifTOPMAN’s LTD collection started life as a free-range project with the intention of delivering certain pieces to a Topman customer, but also to a customer who might not always look to the High Street retailer for its wares. It was pitched at attracting the type of guy whose wardrobe ethos works on the basis of collectable classics rather than disposable catwalk trends. The collection took a hiatus whilst preparing for its expansion, which now sees it going into 22 stores including international markets and

The re-launch will mean that the LTD collection will now be a yearly commoddity. It means there will always be a small capsule collection of staples pieces including jeans, shirts and knitwear available all year round and this will then be interspersed with the LTD trend pieces every other month, to entice and captivate you.

Shot_02_033.tifTOPMAN’s Creative Director and good friend of Clothes-Make-the-Man, Gordon Richardson says of the recent re-launch;

‘Once again these new collections are full of simple, beautifully designed contemporary classics that would not only enhance an existing wardrobe but be the start of a burgeoning new one. We are also very excited that LTD will now be available throughout the year.’

The first trend of this newly relaunched LTD, is called Pitwall the range draws inspiration from the Golden age of the automobile and the birth of motor racing as a popular spectator sport. Topman Ltd have taken inspiration from these early pioneers of motor racing. The drivers, who secured fame and notoriety with their skills behind the wheel to secure a top spot on the podium and were equally known for their playboy antics as they were for their prowess on the racing tracks.


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