Down it in one – Clean brew shampoo by REDKEN for Men

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 14.06.01Aficionados of that Televisual cultural classic The Simpsons, will be only too aware of the fact that, its leading man, yes that bastion of intellectual and manly prowess Homer J Simpson, is a leading advocate of the quality of beer and its beneficial side effect. In this instance, if only Homer had used Duff beer in a different manner then necking large quantities of it he may still have that healthy head of shining hair that we so often see in flashbacks.

So who would have credited it, It turns out beer contains the perfect ingredients to eliminate extra dirt and oil! Just when we thought beer couldn’t get any better…  Redken For Men clean brew extra cleansing shampoo comes to the rescue for a deep clean when it’s needed most, using a premium blend of ingredients found in the traditional brew to help get all the grit out of a man’s hair.

Clean Brew hi-resRedken For Men clean brew extra cleansing shampoo contains their unique Anti-Grit Technology featuring a blend of three common ingredients found in beer: malt helps to nourish and condition hair; brewer’s yeast strengthens and builds body; and orange zest purifies for an overall deep clean that eliminates dirt and oil while helping to purify the scalp. A citrus scent with notes of musk and apple help create a refreshing shower experience for a squeaky-clean feeling.

“It’s easy for men’s hair to become extra dirty! Throughout the course of a day, a guy’s hair can feel weighed down by dirt and oil. And some styling products can leave a certain amount of residue on the hair. Clean brew extra cleansing shampoo has a rich, foaming lather that provides the intense clean many of my clients are looking for on a daily basis but doesn’t dry out the hair or scalp.” says Jamie Stevens, current Men’s Hairdresser of the Year.



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