Are my shoes broken in yet Jeeves ? – Converse “Get Dirty”

136888C 242833_CNVS_CUT_291012 4057No, the title to this morning’s post isn’t some collaboration or invitation by Christina Aguilera. It is in fact the latest idea dreamed up by footwear brand Converse. We all know the situation well, we love new Converse trainers, whether they be , high tops or low tops, but, we LOVE them better when there are beaten up and worn in. Able to tell a story or two from adventures on nights out and holidays away, they always look so much better for a couple of battle scars. There really is nothing like your scuffed up old comfy pair of Chuck Taylors so Converse have invented the Well worn collection. In the new seasonal colours, including Butterscotch, Tango Red and Turtledove (or Light brown, dark red and light grey to us), these new style Chucks are part of a softer canvas collection with stained and distressed sole and toe caps, slightly dirtied and thinner laces. Generally you gets that comfy old shoe feeling the first time you put them on, ahhhhhh.

Inspired by this and the Converse expression “Shoes Keep It Clean, Sneakers Get Dirty,” they have created new music series which celebrates the hedonistic mindset of throwing yourself in headfirst and resurfacing with the marks and scuffs that prove it and wear them with pride. The “GET DIRTY” campaign stretches across 11 different cities around the globe and will feature performances by a mix of renowned international artists and up-and-coming local talent. Kicking off in Paris, “GET DIRTY” will jump, kick and scream its way across Europe, with events in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, London, Milan and Vienna. (for more details click on the clip below)


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