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1.Colonia Intensa OUD


Acqua Di Parma is a brand you should know and enjoy the myriad of amazing products they produce, if you don’t, don’t despair they completely deserve a post dedicated to them and the amazing job they do. But, however, that is another post that hopefully, dear reader you will enjoy and can look forward to in the coming weeks. Today’s post, nonetheless is dedicated to a single product from within the family of this timeless luxury brand.

Acqua Di Parma’s Colonia Intensa OUD offers a unique fragrance combining the all-Italian freshness of iconic Colonia Acqua di Parma with the oriental traits of the most precious Agarwood, an essential oil which is a distinctive element of the fascinating Middle-East sensory tradition.

For this fragrance Acqua di Parma explores the rich olfactory tradition of the Arab civilisation. In this world, balms, incense, and perfumed oils are obtained from precious woods, musk, spices and resins. One of the most charismatic ingredients is Agarwood, also known as OUD, which is the most precious of all. An essence obtained by means of a long, painstaking, complicated manual process from the resins of Aquilaria, a large tree which originates from India.

The scent of Colonia Intensa OUD offers what can only be described as journey through many lands starting off in Italy the home of Acqua Di Parma, amongst the Orange groves of Southern Italy. Where Orange Oil is blended with Calabrian bergamot to obtain the top notes. The journey then takes us deep into the spice routes, south of Russia where we collect coriander, mixed with the warm accents of Amyris wood. This is when things get really interesting and we enter the heart of the fragrance through the Gulf countries for the essential ingredient of Agarwood essential oil. The route then leads us through the countries of the Middle East for the base notes of Cedarwood Atlas oil of Marocco, Patchouli oil, Leather accord, Sandalwood accord, Musk which completes this unique cologne.

1. Colonia Intensa OUD + Pack

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