Ideal gifts for Kids

X-boxes, i-Pads, Playstations and Nintendos are all good and well and don’t get me wrong they have their place in gifting. But you won’t find them in this Gift guide, NO, we’ve decided to take it back and look at gifts that Santa himself would relish taking down the chimney. So if your stuck for something to buy for the lil tikes in your life, then here you go, plus we’ve selected gifts that, you know, you might even have some fun and enjoy yourself with.


Zoom, Zoom, Zoom we’re going to the moon in this Cardboard Rocket by OK maybe don’t leave it outside over night, not in this weather.


The Force will be strong in you if you go for some of the great clothes for kids of a younger age group from With images as diverse and iconic as Stone Roses, Star Wars, The Rolling Stones and Batman amongst others, have your offspring looking the coolest in the playground.


You can’t beat a board game after a spot of Roast dinner and before a turkey and stuffing sandwich and what better board game the the daddy of them all Monopoly. But this is no ordinary Monopoly, ohhh no, this is Monopoly Millionaire. Your playing with the big boys now.


Go all Retro on them and go for some Swedish Hasbeen shoes.


What kid wouldn’t want to wake up on Christmas Morn and have the Millennium Falcon in LEGO to play with and if you wanted to “help” build it, I’m sure it would be appreciated and maybe even play with it on your own at some point, even.


What boy or girl, no matter their age, could resist this Multi play Table from games from table football to pool and ping pong !!!!


Anyone for Quidditch ? Of course in the Gryffindor stripe ! This was one of the recommendations from Harrods themselves !


The hot toy for this Yuletide is a bit of a retro throw back in Furby, it was annoying in the 1990’s and if anything they are even more so now, but with more technological advances !!!


They’ll be rockin around the Christmas Tree when they see this great Rocking Horse pendant by Ted Baker


Yee-ha Cowboy jump on the back of Jnr Bobbin from Joules


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