Rockin around the Christmas Tree – Office Christmas party etiquette


This coming Friday,  yes Friday 14th December is the most popular date for Office Christmas parties, this year. You and your colleagues from offices and places of work up and down the land will be coming, or should I say thrown, together to celebrate the Yuletide season. The Office Christmas party is up there with a UN Peace Conference or a Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, for being a potential volatile environment. Ken in Accounts getting into a fight with Bill from Marketing or Peter from Head Office being caught in the disabled toilets with Karen from HR or Susan from from the Kendal office being in tears because Nigel from I.T. who were smooching to Wham’s Last Christmas, had gone in for a snog and Susan has just got engaged to Paul and sees Nigel as just a friend. Ohhhh Office Christmas Do’s can be great fun, honest, but there are a couple of golden rules that you need to adhere to, to stop that FEAR when you awake on Saturday morning-ish.

Do: Enjoy yourself, get to know your colleagues a little better, but not too much better, if you know what I mean, cough, First aid cupboard.

Don’t be the talk of the office on Monday

Don’t: Goes without saying Don’t drink and drive, book a cab beforehand.

Do:  Treat people as you would like to be treated, remember that one, not always easy but in the long run it’s the best way.

Don’t: Be the talk of the Office on Monday Morning leave that to someone else.

Do: Be fun, til the season to be jolly.

Don’t: photocopy your bits and bobs (Or at least don’t get caught)

Don’t: Sit in the corner and sulk, It’s a party, have fun.

Do: Dance, it’s Christmas ! In the words of Noddy Holder of Slade.

Ohhhh I’ll see you in court !

Don’t: Bring a dodgy friend that may get into a fight or decide to dance on the desks.

Do: Be cordial to that person that does your head in. It is Christmas so try to put on your happy face on, if just for one night.

Don’t: Decide it’s a great time to tell your co-workers what you really think. How you are sick of him/her not pulling their weight. Speaking of weight, do not mention how he/she could do with losing a few pounds, NO !.

Do: Keep the conversation upbeat and casual, til the season to be jolly, after all.

Don’t: Get into office politics, it’s easy to fall into this trap. Work is common ground so inevitably the conversation will be work based. Try not to talk about Sandra’s boyfriend or the fact that she’s going through her third divorce.

I can feel that hangover from here

Do: Dress well, if your office is a suited one, still dress smart but wear a decent pair of jeans, don’t end up looking like Jeremy Clarkson, think more Gary Barlow or Ryan Gosling.

Don’t: Wear a novelty Christmas Clothing, it might be a party but you do want to keep your dignity and want people to see you as professional come Monday.

Do: Talk to your boss. If it’s at your boss’s house, thank him or her for having you, it’s polite.

Don’t: Decide it’s a good time to talk about a raise or Christmas bonus. Maybe bonuses were cut this year, if you are deeply upset by this, maybe you should give it a miss, yeah.

The Ideal Outfit for your Office Party


This Black velvet jacket by Ted Baker is not only festive and bang on trend but will have you feeling like 007 when you enter the room and play, go for it wear it with a pocket square, if someone dares, take the mick, put them in there place with a witty put down like, “Did we get dressed in the dark again” or “What are you wearing to the party tonight ?”


Keep it simple and this shirt from Mark & Spencer will have you looking $1000,000 even though it costs just a faction of that. Team this black shirt with the black velvet jacket for a sophisticated look. Plus it won’t show the sweat from a boogie on the dance floor or if you spill a drink down yourself. These things happen !


Now yes its an Office party and you want to keep an air of professionalism, but it is a party with these jeans from Albam not only are you giving a casual element to this look but you are putting it out there, “Yep I know how to dress.”


Finish the look with these little beauties from Grenson @ Please trust me don’t ruin this perfect outfit with novelty socks or tie, keep it simply and trust me if you go with this outfit for your your office party, you will have a great time and if you following the golden rules. I just think that promotion AND rise might just be in the bag.



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