This Sunday is Father’s Day ! – Father’s Day Gift Guide in Association with M&S


Yes you read that right folks, this Sunday, yes, this Sunday is Father’s Day, the day when the hardest working member of the family, sorry what, well its the case in the McG household ! gets to relax, put his feet up and everyone runs round and looks after him for a change.

As always we’ve done all the hard work so you can still look super diligent on Sunday when you pull the best present out of the bag for your old man and look confidently smug with yourself while the rest of the family can only look on with fake pleasure and make a guess at, How does he do it ? envy.

Once again the wonderful retail emporium of Marks & Spencer have worked in association with us to produce the ultimate in gifting for your beloved Pop. We’ve broken it down this year into categories to cater for every Dad’s taste whether he be a Sporty dad or even a Posh Dad, we’ve got all points covered. So Chocs aways !




Ahh what Dad could resist the culinary Jedi knight that is Nigel Slatter, the man that can turn the contents of an empty fridge into the feast suitable for the feeding of the 5000 and if that wasn’t enough over 300 recipes listed in chronological order so a night, can’t literally go by without a seasonally splendid dish.




If yours is a dad who spends more time Jett setting than Richard Branson, get him this brilliant travelling gadget from Mulberry. A chic leather pouch reveals the adapter, compatible with plug sockets in the UK, US, Australia, China and Europe. There is also a USB connection for charging a wide variety of devices. Just don’t forget to take it with you!



imageThe Summer of 2014 isn’t, quite, all about Football. Our reigning Champion of the Courts will be defending his title on the Lawns of SW19 , so show your purpose for Andy Murray with these  sterling silver Cufflinks specially commissioned for the tennis tournament and create something truly bespoke with Link of London offering an engraving service in all of its stores to add a touch of  Personalisation.





This reissue of a watch first used by pioneers in underwater exploration in the 1970’s this watch from Longines,  available into versions one with three hands the other chronograph. Show him how much he means and go on spoil him !



Whether it be giving the England Team, a dapper haircut in this month’s issue of GQ before they depart for hotter climbs or it be as part of his traveling international pop up barber shop the guys over at Mr Natty are men much in demand, well worth keeping an eye out it see if they are visiting a location near you anytime soon, I promise. But in their absence check out their inspired gift sets,  either the Ace fighter pilot care package or the Hirsute rogue care packet (essential one for shaving and one for achieving impossibly natty hair styles).


imageIf you’re going to purchase dear old dad something to wear go for something, that, one, you know he’ll like, but more more importantly, ensure it’s something he’ll look suave in. Spoil him pick something like this great and versatile piece from Peter Werth. Not only is it functional, its sure to be a wardrobe favourite and a staple that goes with pretty much everything.




If your dad falls into that category  of  a bit of a Hard nut on the outside, who loves nothing more then a pint with his mates  and watching the footie. But, when he’s alone with his kith and kin, he’s rather partial to the finer things in life . Look no further than these undoubtedly luxurious house slippers by none other than New and Lingwood, I’ll have you know my good man.




Just because he might spend a lot of time working doesn’t mean he loves you none the less. Let hope your Business dad is more like Daddy Wallbucks than Patrick Bateman. But get him something he’s bound to be impressed by like this snazzy business card holder by the undoubtedly dapper Turnbull & Asser.




Does your dad like to see himself as a bit of an Ozzie Clark, rather then take the mick this Father’s Day, play along with him for once. Make him proud  and give him a tool set he’ll actually use, check out this sterling Sommelier kit from Marks & Spencer themselves And for some other genius gift ideas for the Dad in your life take a look at their own Father’s Day gift guide.



Father’s Day Gift Guide in association with M&S

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 14.55.48

Yes, its come round again Father’s Day is this Sunday, well just in case the above banner, courtesy of our kind friends at Marks & Spencer, wasn’t a big enough clue. Hey, you can’t ever say Clothes-Make-the-Man don’t help you out we’ve scoured the internet looking for some of the best gifts around for the Big Man in your life. Gift’s that will have your Pop wiping a tear from his eye and saying things like, “But son you shouldn’t have” and “So much thought must have gone in to that son”. We’ve gone for more unusual gift ideas for this year, no don’t worry no weekend yoga retreats in the middle of nowhere, or chocolate coated crickets, you’re alright. Now if that wasn’t enough M&S have also supplied us with their top ten gift ideas for Dad’s. What more you ask for ?

1) OK first off let’s aim high and you can’t get much higher then the all new and UK’s first Helicopter sightseeing tour. It starts from either the Heliport in London’s Battersea or the Redhill Aerodrome near Gatwick Airport. The route over London follows The River Thames from Putney in the West to Greenwich in the East, climbing to over 1,000ft above the City’s stunning skyline. During the flight passengers will get to see some of the capital’s most historic landmarks including Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, The Tower of London, and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and new attractions like The Shard.  Famous sporting venues including Wembley, The Emirates (ohh well) and the Olympic Stadium are also visible from the route and last for approximately 20 minutes.

Chris Mann, MD of The London Helicopter says: “We’re thrilled to have launched the first London based helicopter sightseeing service from London’s only Heliport.  Joining the likes of New York, Las Vegas and Cape Town makes us enormously proud.”  PS, Shhhhh for Father’s day any dads taking flights will receive an exclusive goodie bag of gifts.

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 14.31.11


2) Always remember there’s nothing wrong with buying socks as a gift, as no man can never have too many socks, well almost. Now it’s not the sock giving, where problems arise, but the actual socks themselves. Now if you’re looking to impress your dear old Dad, your really can’t go wrong with, we’ve mentioned them a couple of time here and they are doing a sterling job in bringing great socks to the great masses.Offering everything and anything any man could possibly want in sock formation from Corgi to Wolsey.

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 15.26.35


3) Now we all know smoking is not only a social faux pas but a big time no no generally on every possible front, plus with the smoking ban being ever extending, these wonderful luxurious chocolate cigars from the men’s collection of luxury Italian Chocolatier Venchi’s, don’t half do the trick.

SONY DSC4) You know when you see something and you think, thats genius ! Why hasn’t someone thought of that before ? Well, when you see the work of Tommy Sauce, you’ll ask yourself that very question.  Their aim is simple: to provide football fans with something beautiful for their homes. As Andrew and Ben, the brains behind this wonderful idea put it, “Inspired by the vibrant colours, chants and deeply rich history of the national game, we want our work to capture the true passion of football.” Ohhh and the most surprising thing about this gem of a product is the price and thats all I’m saying, see for yourself. Now just to show we are totally impartial here at Clothes Make the Man we’re going to show two of their images, one for the best football team in the world and some other team.



5) Grooming products are always a winner for Dad no matter what age, as a rule of thumb here at Clothes-Make-the-Man we try and stay clear of clique  grooming gifts and there are no excuses at the moment as their are great gift set about at the moment. If you’re looking for something a little different maybe take a look at I Coloniali. This Italian range of Men’s Skin Treatments contains a unique Calmiskin phytoagent of white willow bark extract to soothe and regenerate skin. Or if your looking for a bargain this Father’s day look no further then Clinique who are offering the below FREE with the purchase of any two or more Skin Supplies for Men products up until Saturday 15th June.

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 17.13.51

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 18.01.12


6) Cufflinks can be perceived as a traditional gift even sometimes a little bit cheesy, but one thing that can never be said about these cufflinks by Rachel Eardley is that they’re Cheesy. She creates beautiful pieces that are handcut from decommissioned coins and finished in sterling silver. These stylish hound cufflinks are handcut from Irish coins and are simple yet stylish.

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 18.18.10
7) If Dad is partial to a spot of boys only games night, then this is the perfect gift for him, ensured to leave him lost for words. From Aspinal of London, this exquisitely hand bound by master craftsmen in the finest quality Black Lizard calf leather over a handmade wooden box frame with the interior lavishly lined in Aspinal signature Purple padded suede. Each Leather Poker Chip set comprises of 100 poker chips, five poker die and two decks of ‘Faberge inspired’ playing cards. A genuine item of luxury for the dad who appreciates the finer things in life!

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 19.47.11


8) A watch is a timeless gift, see what I did there, that any Father will value, sorry I seem to be sounding like a Hallmark card. Uniform Wares offer great timepieces that encapsulate classic design but couldn’t be more contemporary and are a real investment  without costing an arm and leg. This example is part of the new 152 Series it’s a modern reinterpretation of the classic dress watch and has a refined, ultra-thin silhouette.

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 20.12.39


10) Finally, talk about the gift that keeps on giving, this amazing, get ready for it, 85″ S9 Ultra High Definition LED TV by Samsung breaks new boundaries in the world of HD TV. With breath-taking picture quality and concert quality audio, this stunning 85″ screen and unique design delivers an unreal, excitingly immersive experience. As for performance, Smart Evolution – technology unique to Samsung – gives you the world’s first Future Ready UHD TV. Ohhh and you’ll need a spare £35,000.00 OK £34, 999.00 to pay for it. I wonder how they get it in your house ?

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 20.36.54



Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 17.03.39

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 17.04.07



Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 14.58.50

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 15.03.51

A little piece of history in every pair – Deakin & Francis Cufflinks

Deakin & Franics @ TASK PR C1614S2022-1Just in case you had forgotten Father’s Day is Sunday 16th June, yes thats a week on Sunday and in the words of the Incredible Hulk’s alter ego Dr David Banner, “You won’t like me when I’m angry.” And so to will your Father if you forgot about the one day of the year when he can put his feet up, relax and do as he pleases, you can so tell I’m a dad, I’m so sad, sorry.

So rather then heading off to your local Booze Bonanza for a bottle of cut price paint striper posing as vodka, think on, you only have one Dad so put a little bit of thought into his present. So here’s my first offering for Father’s day booty Deakin & Francisa British firm founded in 1786 designs and manufactures some of the world’s finest cufflinks. The English workshops produce fine quality handmade jewellery in precious metal, incorporating vitreous enamel and fine gemstones. The company today is now managed by the 7th generation of the Deakin family, James & Henry Deakin who’s father is the great, great nephew of the co-founder CWS Deakin.

C1501X0001Over the last 200+ years the team of manufacturing jewellers and silversmiths at Deakin & Francis has created over 1,000 cufflink designs for everyone from business people, celebrities and members of royalty worldwide.

Styles include gold and silver cufflinks, through to full dress sets in platinum and diamonds.  Deakin & Francis creations range from fun to classic.