A little piece of history in every pair – Deakin & Francis Cufflinks

Deakin & Franics @ TASK PR C1614S2022-1Just in case you had forgotten Father’s Day is Sunday 16th June, yes thats a week on Sunday and in the words of the Incredible Hulk’s alter ego Dr David Banner, “You won’t like me when I’m angry.” And so to will your Father if you forgot about the one day of the year when he can put his feet up, relax and do as he pleases, you can so tell I’m a dad, I’m so sad, sorry.

So rather then heading off to your local Booze Bonanza for a bottle of cut price paint striper posing as vodka, think on, you only have one Dad so put a little bit of thought into his present. So here’s my first offering for Father’s day booty Deakin & Francisa British firm founded in 1786 designs and manufactures some of the world’s finest cufflinks. The English workshops produce fine quality handmade jewellery in precious metal, incorporating vitreous enamel and fine gemstones. The company today is now managed by the 7th generation of the Deakin family, James & Henry Deakin who’s father is the great, great nephew of the co-founder CWS Deakin.

C1501X0001Over the last 200+ years the team of manufacturing jewellers and silversmiths at Deakin & Francis has created over 1,000 cufflink designs for everyone from business people, celebrities and members of royalty worldwide.

Styles include gold and silver cufflinks, through to full dress sets in platinum and diamonds.  Deakin & Francis creations range from fun to classic.


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