Here comes the rain again, again – The Baracuta G9

_DSC1416Sorry folks to mention the
weather again, I mean its been so schizophrenic of late it could
have been institutionalised. One day it’s beautiful sunshine, the
next it’s like we jumped from March to November. Anyway, the
subject of today’s post is a undoubtable iconic piece of clothing
that is suitable whatever the weather. The Baracuta
, much copied but never bettered, is the original
Harrington jacket. Hailing from Manchester, England in 1937, the
brothers Miller, Isaac and John began making the G9 Baracuta
at their Chorlton Street factory. In 1938 the jacket was further
refined with the acquisition of the Fraser tartan for the inner
lining, which is still used right up to today. Initially popular
with golfers due to the ‘umbrella’ effect of its back design, which
conducts water away from the wearer, it is also designed with an
element of ventilation, making it ideal for any sport. When Arnold
Palmer wore a G9 to compete at St. Andrews, the jacket was proved
the perfect attire for a golf tournament. However golfers, were not
the only subculture to have a liking for the versatile all weather
jacket, The Mods, Ska, Punk and Britpop movements all adopted and
incorporated Baracuta’s G9 into their look and made it part of
their overall uniform.

_DSC1313Over the decades the
jacket has developed an impeccable pedigree worn by the likes of Elvis, Ryan
O’Neil, Steve McQueen, Frank Sinatra and even the victorious
England World Cup team in 1966. For Summer 2013, the G9 is being
opened to two different interpretations, with two different
labels; the Ivory Label, this being the core collection based on
the iconic G9 reinterpretation; and the designer range known as
Blue Label. The Ivory Label remains true to the British
identity and the iconic characteristics of the G9, but with more
technically advanced and new performing materials such as shower
proof cotton-nylon and a new cotton coolmax lining. The second
label is the designer range known as Blue Label, a project designed
by Kenichi (Kenny) Kusano former Director of the Brilliant Japanese
retail institution Beams+. Kusano was inspired by the British
military of the 18th and 19th centuries, and took a cultural trip
around the British manufacturing industry to look at design and
fabric elements. Details include external pockets, inside layering
and military inspired colours. Ten styles will be available,
including a G9 and G4 with a military twist, a three quarter length
field jacket, vests, and a trench inspired by the 1940’s model.

A better class of Trainer -J.M.Weston Guethary Collection

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 12.12.01I don’t want to tempt fate or equally the wrath of mother nature here, but summer, or even, warmer more timely weather must surely be only round the corner now. So we can finally put away our winter warmers for at least, please, a couple of weeks. Now to mark this long awaited climate change, the French luxury footwear house, JM Weston, have taken advantage of it, to slip away on a stylish and sporty getaway, travel naturally takes on the aura of seaside elegance, not not Blackpool or Bognor no. Michel Perry, the house’s artistic director, has taken himself and his imagination off for a stroll along the French coasts of the twenties, in search of the holiday destinations bustling with the Parisian jet set. His drawing pad intuitively came to rest in the Basque country, where he has chosen to let his pencil wander in step with his meanderings through towns and countryside.

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 12.25.32Think stylish gentlemen in, tasteful, golf attire, lashings of fresh seafood and the best champagne, countesses at the races and fishermen at sea, village frontons or Art Deco villas, the Basque country clearly comes to the fore in J.M. Weston’s world.  Two models have been born of this impromptu getaway: a tennis shoe and a soft ankle boot, by the name of “Guéthary”.

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 12.27.34Perry’s most striking nod to the Basque Country lies in the addition of a natural woven cord around the sole of some of the footwear, in reference to the famous “espadrille” traditionally worn by the region’s chic residents. These models, all of which are mounted on a leather sole of the finest quality.

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 12.28.49




Spec-tacular glasses – Archibald Optics

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 20.25.29If like me and countless other guys out there you wear glasses you know what a minefield it is when it comes to picking a new pair. You know the score, your happy with your spectacles, it took you long enough to select the last pair so why do you need to put yourself through the agony of going to your optician, having to try on loads of pairs, feeling ridicules and thinking, can I not just have these again ? Ohhhh I got these 5 years ago, OK. Help is at hand, in the form of Archibald Opticsfounded on the ideal of producing great eyewear that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Archibald Optics takes inspiration from the styles of yesteryear to create eyewear that is bold, brave and unique, while at the same time not running the risk of having you look like you bought a job lot of Elton John’s cast offs at his last car boot sale, him and David need the cash with that ever growing family.

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 20.24.03Archibald’s USP is they aspires to bring quality eyewear directly to the customer, bypassing opticians and retail chains. So through our unique business model,  they are able to charge the customer a more responsible price for eyewear designed in London and handmade by trained artisans at their manufacturing facilities in Fukui, Japan. However, the overriding bonus to this is, it can all be done from the comfort of your own home. So you can browse through their online collection and choose your 3 favourite frames. Not sure which style works best for you? Then why not use the Virtual Try- On System to see which styles suit you face shape best, see everything, all thought of.

Once you have narrowed your choice down to 3 specific frames, you create your own account, Archibald will then send you your 3 preferred styles to your abode. What you need to do then is over the next 5 days decide which frame floats your boat. After all that all you have to do is follow the easy-to-use directions so that can collect all your bespoke requirements, including prescription details. Eight to ten working days after your order has been confirmed, your personalised pair of Archibald spectacles will arrive directly at your doorstep.

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 20.25.55




A lil Teaser for LC:M SS14

I can’t believe Lonodn Collections:Men, the third one, is nearly upon us June 15th it starts and I was sent this trailer for the proceedings the other day so I thought I would do the decent thing and share it with my loyal readers and in the process do a little flag waving for how great British Style actually is. Here you go folk;

Hide behind those Shades – A Round up of the best Sunglasses around

A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to take a trip to Sin City, Lost Wages, Atomic City, yeah you got it Las Vegas !!! Now, whilst over there blowing off some well earned steam and drinking my own weight in over priced alcohol, I took the liberty of killing two birds with the one stone and took along a selection of the finest sunglasses around for this Summer, when it finally arrives. We choose a number of Viva LasVegas’s finest, from in and around the Splendour and luxury of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Resort, to model these shades to give you a better idea of how they look on a cross section of face shapes, colouring and essentially looks. Take a look and let us know what you think –


Peter, Graphic Designer wears these fine sun protectors by TOMS.

Peter,  Senior Graphic Designer wears these fine sun protectors by TOMS.



Ste, Software Sales Manager wears handmade shades by Triwa


John, Software Developer wears sunglasses by Lacoste Live


Karl, Man about Town, looking sharp in Michael Kors


Alex, Project Manager, wears none other than TOM FORD @ Liberty


Lauren, Mandalay Bay Manager, wears these unique shades by Police


Stephen, Research Director – Property, Sun’s so bright gotta wear TOPMAN shades


Lee, Digital Support Manager, looking almost Andy Wahol-esque in Ralph Lauren Sunglasses @ Liberty


Aidan, Pharmaceutical Study Manager in Retro Super Future Sunglasses @ Liberty


Ged, I.T. Project Manager, busting these clearly great sunnies by Superdry


Martin, Projects & Events Manager seen wearing Aviator style sunglasses by Givenchy


Dominic I.S. Manager & co-founder of wears the Aviator sunglasses by Ray Ban for Brooks Brothers