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Today folks I leave you in the very safe and capable hands of Katie Deighton who offers us her essential guide to Bristol, famous for –

Bristol is a port city known as the “Birthplace of America”.

The infamous pirate Captain Blackbeard once had a hideaway cave under St. Mary Redcliffe church. His original birthplace and childhood home still stands on Bristol’s harbourside.

Hollywood legend Cary Grant (Archibald Leach) was born in Horfield, Bristol. Grant’s first role in theatre was working at The Bristol Hippodrome.

The oldest dinosaur so far found in Britain, and one of the oldest discovered anywhere in the world, was unearthed in Bristol

The world’s first commercially produced chocolate bar was made in Union Street Bristol by Fry’s in 1847


Bristol is beginning to gain a reputation as a mini-London.  From the new shopping Mecca of Cabot Circus, to grimy reggae nights down in Stokes Croft, to private art galleries and Lidos in Clifton, Bristol truly has something to offer for everybody.  And what’s more, everything is in walking distance.  Here is Clothes Make the Man’s guide to Bristol: the capital of the West.

Top 5 things to do

5. Take a tour around the newly, ahem, ‘renovated’ Nelson Street – the largest street-art display in the UK.  Soon to be as iconic as the numerous Banksys dotted around the city, the See No Evil project has been recognised worldwide as a real challenge to the notion of ‘graffiti,’ especially as it manages to cover over some particularly ugly high-rises and car parks.

4. Stroll around Clifton village, taking in the abundance of independent boutiques, antique stores and award-winning delis and cafes.

3.  Forget the gym, grab a bike and take advantage of Bristol’s status as the UK’s first cycling city.  The Bristol-Bath cycle path is a particular gem.

2.  Get your hair cut at Mr. Swanton’s.  The Victorian decor – alongside the controversial ‘no ladies beyond this line!’ mark of demarcation – offers a barbershop experience like no other.

1.  Head on up to Clifton Down with a blanket and a bottle of chilled champagne, and watch the sun set over the Clifton Suspension Bridge.



The Clifton Sausage – The perfect place to enjoy exquisitely cooked West Country favourites (including cider!) in a warm and cosy setting. http://www.cliftonsausage.co.uk/clifton/


The Avon Gorge Hotel – Near-perfect service coupled with panoramic views of the Avon Gorge. http://www.theavongorge.com/


Hyde and Co. – A 21st century speakeasy and home of the best cocktails in Bristol.  Get there early as the exclusive space = no guaranteed entry! http://www.hydeandcobristol.net/

The Buyers Guide to Autumn 12 – Stephen Ayres, Liberty

Welcome to a new section for the new look Clothes make the man, The Buyers Guide will seek the advice and guidance of some of the best qualified and most respected figures in the industry, who lets face are so good at buying the right product they are employed to do it for a living. These figures are going to tell us what they see as being the top 10 pieces for the season so if your think of buying a winter coat, scarf, gloves, jumper even T-shirt, hang fire and have a read through this post first.

The first guru I called upon to offer his learned opinion was Mr Stephen Ayres, Head of Fashion Buying at the temple of all things British and retail, Liberty.


Everyman should have a navy blazer in their wardrobe but the level of blue used by Martin Margiela for this blazer is fresh and would be a great versatile addition to any wardrobe.



Oliver Spencer is one of the UK’s best casual wear designers and this modern take on the traditional pea coat is just one example why. Not double breasted but not single breasted either makes it a great coat for over a suit or with some jeans at the weekend.





I love the simple colour contrast on this YMC two tone scarf – a great way to wear a bit of colour but not feel overwhelmed by it.


Fair Isle knits were huge last winter and there’s no sign of them slowing down this year. The king of outdoors, Barbour have mixed a great palette of blues and burgundys to give this one a rich feel and a very competitive price.



The team behind Folk are fun and playful and this jumper shows just how much with a great colour to brighten up any winter’s day.






Canadian born New Yorkers, The Burkman Brothers, travelled around Asia for inspiration for this collection and the Dobby embroidery on this pop over shirt was inspired from their finds.



Swedish brand, Our Legacy, is quickly becoming one of the hottest brands to wear. Their use of jacquard and print mix with understated design gets them the right balance to dress guys from head to toe. I love this tonal Polka dot shirt for its statement and subtlety  at the same time !




Print is everywhere for Spring/Summer 13 and being a brand steeped with a heritage and history in print this paisley short from our own collection is great for picking up on the trend now.






British time piece brand Uniform Wares overs clean sophisticated watches, with quartz movement, the ultimate in cool for you or to receive some brownie points and give as a gift.


Canadian brand WANT Les Essentiels de

la Vie offers the best in luxury leather goods and accessories. This organic cotton tote has their signature leather handle and is great for your gym kit.


How to tie a tie – AskAnt

Firstly WELCOME, to the new look Clothes-make-the-man.com, we asked, you spoke, we listened. When we asked for your opinion a couple of months ago, your responses were universal, Make it more visual, but don’t change it too much. So we took on board everything you asked and hopefully we’re answered your comments, to make Clothes-make-the-man the same but improved !!!! Hope you enjoy and on with what has become a favourite with you loyal readers, AskAnt.


Ahhhh, I hope you all managed to see the honest words and expertees of your truly have been appreciated and I was asked by the big wigs over at the Mail on Sunday’s LIVE magazine to answers some of their sartorial conundrums in their Style GP column a couple of weeks ago, (if not take a look at our “Read all about us” page).

The problems have been coming in thick and fast since so I am gonna try and get through as many as possible of them. Which brings me nicely to today’s problem du jour :

Well Ted, firstly thanks for take the time out and emailing us with your Tietastic query.  Firstly, many man across the globe, who every morning, day in day out, stand in front of their mirror, bleary eyed and don’t know that different knots suit different face shapes, and depending on what tie knot you’re wearing you can either accentuate certain face peculiarities or disguise some of the features God has given us. For instance,  a very small tie knot, doesn’t suit people with round faces. Why? It’s too small, and can easily get lost under a broad neck.

There is a golden rule regarding the correlation between the form of the tie knot and face oval. It says: if a man has a slightly round face or a wide neck, he should wear narrow, longish knots like, for example, the Four-in-Hand knot (see below). Men with slender faces or long necks should wear wider textured knots.

Additionally, if we talk of the world renown ,Windsor knot, it also has its “Do’s” and “Don’ts”.

The Windsor is not for you, if you have a round or plump face. It is a big knot and it will resemble your face oval in miniature. Windsor is not a good choice for you, too, if you have a very narrow face. Due to its size, it will make a contrast with your face and accentuate disproportion. But, people with oval faces, square faces or heart-shaped faces the Windsor is perfect for you.

Now, Ted if you click onto the Information Superhighway, there are countless advice cards like the ones below, the below ones being some of the better examples, of how to tie different tie knots, but the problem with these are they don’t always explain themselves particularly well, then add into the mix trying to read the card whilst trying to recreate the knot whilst also looking in a mirror !!!!!

Now with the birth of Vloggers and the internet there are, like the above examples countless people, companies and organisations that are offering invaluable advice, like how to tie a Windsor or Four in hand knots. But and this is a BIG but , there are very helpful and well meaning, but the accompanying narration which comes with these handy nuggets, seem to assume you have the intelligence of a being somewhere between a goldfish and maybe a golden retriever. (See below, this is far from being a bad example, honest)


So to combat this annoyance, find one that you can tolerant then, please believe me and trust your known how, stand in front of a mirror and mess about with a tie. It isn’t going to come instantly, but neither will it take you hours to master, the penny will don’t and you will be able to everything from a Half Windsor to a bow tie in no time at all.

So Ted, all that is left for me to do is to tell you, the choice is yours ??? Do let us know what your decision was and  join us again soon for another style clinic.

If you have any stylistic problems, events, that  you don’t know what to wear, after the right shows to go with that all important outfit. Whatever, you query no problem is too big nor small, please just email askant@ymail.com and I’ll happily give you informed, knowledgable common sense advice.



Something of the Noir about him – Noir by Tom Ford


If ever the term, “Everything he touches turns to gold”, was meant for someone, surely they had Tom Ford in mind. I mean jeez, the man is like a real life James Bond, OK his main job is as Creative director of his Stylish Empire and Bond is a British spy, but both are impeccably dressed (could that be because Mr Ford dresses Mr Bond) equally these alpha males are international men of mystery plus men want to be him and women want be with him, including Julianne Moore, Angelina Jolie and Beyonce, no less.

Now, Tom Ford is releasing his new signature fragrance for men, Tom Ford Noir. An oriental, sensual fragrance created to capture the dual facets of the Tom Ford man.

The top note of Noir offers a confident citrus effect of glowing Italian bergamot and verbena. Caraway, baie rose and violet flower accent the citrus notes with sparkling eccentricity. The core of the fragrance is a smooth spice accord of black pepper from Madagascar and nutmeg. Tuscan iris resin, Egyptian geranium, Bulgarian rose and enriched clary sage lend depth and richness. Leathery styrax trails into an amber-drenched woody element and amber and a dose of masculine Indonesian patchouli oil and vetiver oil. While, warm leather and hypnotic benzoin from Laos bring a creamy sensuality, while civet and vanilla lend animalic sophistication and edge.



















Shaken not stirred – The rise of the Navy Tuxedo

I guarantee the morning this poster was launched, Brand Directors of Menwear apparel companies globally rang their Buying Directors and say, “We have bought Navy Tuxedos, this season, haven’t we ?” 

“Err yes.” I’m sure was the response, now following this, one of two things happened, if the Buying Director is a good one and has an ounce of creativity and forethought about him, he breathed a sigh of relief. Or, lets just say, if he isn’t, he sure as hell called his formalwear buyer and tore a piece out of them.

Tom Ford, is a genius, this is nothing that hasn’t been said before, I’m not preaching some new gospel according to St Tom, no. He first dressed 007 for Quantum of Solace and he returns again for SKYFALL, with promises of an update for Bond’s wardrobe offering him a more contemporary look and if this poster is anything to go by Mr Ford is keeping to his word. Also, please see below a short profile on Bond’s wardrobe for upcoming film, SKYFALL by its costume designer Jany Temime.

Now as we were saying, Tom Ford proved himself a master salesman during his time as Creative Director at Gucci. Once again, he’s thought to himself, Dinner suit sales need a little help here, how can I do that, I know I’ll put the one man known across the globe who women want to be with and man want to be, in a different coloured tux to the classic black. So all those guys who have a black tuxedo now feel that they have to emulate Bond by also having a Navy one, as I said GENIUS !

We all can’t afford Tom Ford prices, nonetheless, Mr Ford is not the only one to have produced Navy dinner suits this season and if you fancy yourself as being on Her Majesty’s Secret Service and looking like you have a Licence to kill. Then take a look at the pieces below for inspiration.

Navy Single breasted Tuxedo, by French Connection exclusively for Moss Bros.

The perfect white shirt from the former supplier to 007 Ede & Ravenscroft.

In for a penny in for a pound, channel your inner Bond with this Navy Velvet Bow tie by Lanvin from MrPorter.com

The Bert, a traditional Oxford shoe with a twist from Grenson

Bond is synonymous for his Omega Seamaster, but this absolute bargain from Marks & Spencer is literally a fraction of the cost.

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