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Once upon a time if you wanted to produce your own individual range of clothing, you had to acquire premises, buy stock to fill the shop, entice people to come into the aforementioned store etc, essentially it was a VERY long and sometimes rather complicated and not always lucrative process. Then along came that nifty little invention from Sir Tim Berners-Lee and his boys in white coats (see its not just all about clothes here its educational) the information superhighway ! And Bob’s your uncle ! it’s made the complete process a whole lot easier to do.

We already have household names like Asos, Boohoo and of course the cybertastic likes of Amazon that have never ever had a brick and mortar store and creeping up behind them there are brilliant websites like togsandclogs, Coggles, Oki-ni and Youngthread, but another one to add to that ever growing list is Art print market was borne out of the frustration of a couple of friends who wanted to sell their own digital designs on art print and T-shirts, but after numerous attempts over the years to create one offs, the general consensus was that the individual prints were very expensive & poor quality and the custom Ts were poor quality and ill style fit.

The guys have started a cooperative offering a collection of products by new designers or people trying their hand at designs round their ‘proper’ job. The design comes in, they can format it correctly and then put it up for sale, handling the sale and delivery, hey presto with an ever growing number of choices and designers coming on board. There is co-operative marketing and the more designers selling their wares results in more traffic for people to browse the site, so the more the merrier! Plus, and I know this is going to send a cold shiver down your spine but, for the guy who has everything there are some amazing gift ideas for that fast approaching, most wonderful time of the year!


The Rightful Hare to the Throne – Mr Hare

To say Marc Hare, aka Mr Hare, shoe designer, is a busy man and his time is truly not his own is a real understatement. This man must have more stamps in his passport then Judith Chamers, google her if your under 35. If he isn’t traveling the global, he’s proudly looking after his new shop on Stafford Street, just off Dover Street, London, like a new Father(see below), or he’s attending high brow events whether that be at 10 Downing St. to mark the Power List’s 20 most influential Black Britons or  the British Fashion Council as he,  “is quietly becoming one of the most important names in British menswear,” as the Guardian recently put it.

The genesis of Mr Hare is an interesting one, Marc had always been a little obsessed with footwear growing up on the mean streets of Croyden, for his eighteenth birthday he’d saved up and he was off to Bond Street to buy his dream shoes, Gucci Loafers. He noticed that when he worn these shoes peoples attitude toward him changed and they spoke to him with respect.  Then after holding down a number of unfulfilling jobs in Marketing and Retail and losing one of those aforementioned jobs, breaking his leg and going through a divorce, remember bad things always happen in threes. He was sat in a Spanish restaurant, funnily enough in Spain, when he caught sight of the woven shoes worn by the señor at the next table, although the shoes weren’t prefect he did think with a few little tweaks they could be and with the help of Bally’s retired shoe genius, Siliano Salvadori, Mr Hare was born.

Now Mr Hare boasts such names as Javier Bardem, Ronnie Wood, Robert Downey Jnr, Tenie Tempah and Amir Khan as fan and customers and rumours of a venture into Ladies footwear abound. His recent collaboration with TOPMAN, literally sold out in minutes, where even Marc couldn’t get his hands on the highly desirable High Tops he created. But he still managed to find the time to answer the questions of Clothes make the man.


If you could have invented anything what would it be ?

A better work/pay/holiday/ tax system where people work less get paid more, are applauded for travelling and learning more about other cultures and where banks/governments had to actually pay for their own fuck ups or actually pay us interest when we lend them money.

 If you had one day to live what would be your biggest regret ?

It would be all the time I had lost answering interviews.

 What would be the one piece of clothing you would rescue from your home in the event of a fire ?

I would welcome the opportunity to re invent my wardrobe on the insurance money. I am too pretty and too smart to run into a burning house to rescue apparel.

 What inspires you ?


 If you could only wear one brand/Designer for the rest of your life who would it be ? Why ?

Bauhaus. Because they were trying to just make the world better and the mix of modernism and traditional craft just created great products by default. I bet their sneakers would have been ill.

 Who is your style icon ? Why ?

Margin Gaye, because he was just so talented no one was even paying attention to his clothes.

 Tell us something no one else knows ?

I haven’t had a shave in 23 years.

 What piece of style advise do you live by ?

Wear WTF you like and eventually you will figure out what works.

 What do you have to do after this conversation ?

I have to go to sleep in a Bologna hotel room then get up early and fly to London for a concierges soirée.

 What would you like to be doing after this conversation ?

Going to sleep in my own bed and getting up early to fly to somewhere hot and tropical for a concierges soirée.

 What track would always get you on the dance floor ?

Hypnotise – B.I.G. 

Who could resist? “If deh head right, biggie deh e’ry night !!”

Where in the World – Napapijri (Competition Time !)

I first discovered the delights of Napapijri back in the latter few years of the 20th Century while I was working with the fashion team of one of the industry’s best loved, well it was then, mens magazines. The Fashion Editor at the time was PASSIONATE about the brand and we were encouraged, sorry sent off to do an appointment to view the range and from then on, I was sold on the brand.

However, please don’t think this brand’s history only dates back to then, Napapijri, whose name means “arctic circle” in Finnish, started out in 1987, in Aosta, as Green Sport Monte Bianco, more like an Ice cream brand to be honest, which made innovative backpacks and technical bags under the Napapijri label for the more demanding sort of traveller, i.e. not for the likes of us. This family company’s vocation for experimenting soon found a natural development in apparel too. Thanks to its discreet colours and wearability verging on city attire, the brand’s offering gradually abandoned the bright and vibrant colours up to then in fashion on the pistes in favour of a completely different look that was to create a new tendency in the sector.

Napapijri was a roaring success, with it’s striking signature Norwegian flag also appearing in more “urban” segments of the market. For the very first time an exclusively technical and sports brand cut a figure on city streets and with a strategy that was the reverse of many others who had merely borrowed the “active” clothing style to redesign their existing casual wear.

Napapijri supports travel, research and exploration initiatives to raise its customers’ awareness of the environment and eco-sustainability issues, listen to me. it doesn’t presume to be considered perfectly eco-compatible or ecological itself, the brand has always worked hard to disseminate general and scientific information on the situation at both the North and South Poles and other environmental issues and collaborates with research bodies such as Le Cercle Polaire and no-profit environmental organisations like Global Green.

For Winter 2012 Travel is once again the protagonist and source of inspiration for the brand. It departs on its imaginary journey that starts with the Napapijri Geographic Collection, which gives a modern twist to the brand’s archive icon piece, with revisited forms, advances in technology and new fabrics. It focuses on the Parka, coming in three lengths and seven colours, it’s padded with goose down and graced with fur on the collar, so suitable for cold (but not polar) temperatures, and heads up into the glaciers with the Napapijri Authentic Collection, providing technical and functional gear designed for more punishing temperatures, so think the move from Autumn into Winter.

As part of Napapijri’s current global marketing campaign they have send a couple, Rob & Jude travelling around different European cities where they take part in various challenges such as bungee jumping from the O2 arena in London or learning the art of Trapeze in Paris !!!!! All the while good folks like your very selves are able to vote for which challenge you want to see them undertake next via a dedicated microsite

The second part of this expedition kicks off on, remember, remember the fifth of November, so cause some fireworks for Rob & Jude and click on the link above to act as Fate and steer they destiny to the challenge you prefer, their fate is in your hands. Mwoahahaha !

The Skidoo Jacket

Now to encourage you to take part in this adventure, we have a wonderful Skidoo jacket to offer one lucky winner, well it is getting a bit parky and this jacket will be perfect for those Urban Arctic conditions.

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Essential Bond kit – The Omega Seamaster

As the 23rd James Bond film, SKYFALL, breaks box office records around the world, certain things spring to mind as being quintessentially Bond, a Vodka Martini, Shaken not Stirred (lets not mention Heineken), The Astin Martin (Ohhh once again let’s not talk about the ford Mondeo, the BMW or Lotus,  great cars but not Bond) and of course the OMEGA Seamaster.

To celebrate its seventh performance in a supporting role in a Bond film, OMEGA is launching the Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M”SKYFALL” Limited Edition watch.

Like every Planet Ocean, the new watch is ready for underwater adventure. Equipped with a unidirectional rotating diving bezel and a helium escape valve, the watch is water resistant 60 bar / 600 metres / 2000 feet. The watch has a 42 mm brushed and polished stainless steel case and a matching patented screw-and-pin bracelet whose divers’ clasp is engraved with “007”. The rotating diving bezel is distinguished by its matt black ceramic ring with a chromium nitride diving scale.

The applied indexes on the matt structured black dial are coated with white Super-LumiNova emitting a blue light as are the polished, facetted rhodium-plated hands. The exception is the minute hand which emits a green light, as does the dot on the diving bezel. This feature makes it easy for divers to keep track of their time at a glance.

The Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M SKYFALL wristwatch is being produced in an edition limited to 5,007 pieces and is delivered in a special presentation box.

That’s F-ing good – Farah Vintage

If like me you conducted your secondary education in the 80’s you will be only too aware of the brand Farah. Farah along with labels like Sergio Tacchini, Fila, Adidas, Fred Perry and Lacoste were held up on a pedestal of Style, where phrases like, ” Jeez man, have you seen his new Adidas Florida Trainers, they’re top, man !” or “Oh my God, have you seen, that Stephen Phillips’s has got the latest Tacchini tracksuit, the latest one guy, that’s soooo expensive man !”  

Amongst, these holiest of grails within youth Sub-cultures, since the 1970’s the F tab of Farah has been held in high esteem within the hearts and minds of these yoofs. However, the real origins of the brand have very different beginnings, it was born in Texas in the 1920’s by Mansour Farah, a design graduate who studied Shirt design and manufacturing in New York.  In the 1930’s Farah diversified into producing denim work pants and later producing khaki combat pants adding to its shirting collection. From the 50’s onwards the Farah brand continued to grow gaining some of the best stockists across the US, finally reaching the UK in the 1970’s and becoming an instant hit with various movements in fashion, music and sport.

The original Farah slack made from hopsack canvas became an immediate hit with the youth of Britain: slim cut, sharply tailored and featuring stain resistant technology, the trouser was unlike anything available at the time.  Momentum for the brand grew and in the 80’s, as already mentioned,  Farah became a must have label amongst the fashion savvy social sub-cultures, including the Mods, Skins, Sticksmen and Rocker-Billy’s. Seen on the balconies at gigs across the UK music scene, each group interpreted the brand within their own style, building key Farah items into what became their definitive looks. The clothes came to represent a sense of elitism while generating aspiration and respect for those who displayed the “F Tab”.

Bringing things back up to date, Farah are still staying true to their original 1920’s origins and following the success of the 1920 Anniversary collection, FARAH have introduced a permanent range of 1920 inspired pieces to its seasonal collection. This capsule collection takes styling tips from the original heritage of the brand but adds a more mature bend to the slim silhouettes and sharp tailored pieces FARAH VINTAGE is known for. Colours are kept simple with navy, black and classic greens being highlighted with warm browns, hints of mustard and deep burgundy.

To sit along side this vintage heritage range, the brand have  created the Citizens of Farah project, which will bring together and celebrate individual style as it is expressed through the diverse culture of the UK and recognising the part Farah plays as an ingredient in dressing contemporary scenes.

To launch the initiative Farah called out to “citizens” nationwide and invited them to take part in the campaign shoot. Farah then chose the final 6 to be the face of the campaign, all of whom represent the brand’s diversity.