From the home of the Industrial Revolution – Blake Mill

A Maths graduate who worked for the  Hong Kong Special Forces. Someone with a Physics degree and worked on a number of internet related business and a guy with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering, MBA in Finance, worked as MD of EMEA for a global risk management software company hardly sound like brains behind a fashion brand ?!?!

But it takes all sorts of talent to create a successful menswear business, particularly in the strange times we find ourselves and that is exactly what Ken Price, Ross and Steve French have done in creating and developing Blake Mill.

Blake Mill is a premium men’s fashion designer, based in Manchester, which makes completely unique and high-quality men’s dress shirts. Founded in 2018 by Steve French, Ross French and Ken Price, with a passion to make high quality dress shirts for people who want to express their individuality through clothes. Available exclusively online (with one or two exceptions), Blake Mill aims to help their customers stand out from the crowd. That may be as simple as sporting an interesting collar and cuff lining on a beautifully made white shirt. Or it may be as bold and brash as a neon impression of real brain waves rendered on the entire body of the shirt.

Taking inspiration from the world around us and bringing to life stories with bright, bold and beautiful prints, Blake Mill makes shirts to suit every personality. From Japanese flowers to the map of the world, you can dress the part from head to toe in a selection of wearable art that will transform the way you feel (just check out the Renaissance Genius Shirt and Artistic Fancy Shirt).

So while each shirt is truly original, the quality is always guaranteed.

“Each time a customer buys a Blake Mill shirt, they’re choosing the story they want to tell, the path they want to walk. It’s freedom of speech. Reserved only for those men who dare to dress differently.

Sustainability and ethical practices are at the heart of the business too. Blake Mill ensures their products are ethically produced through safe production and near net zero non-recyclable material usage. 


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