The way you approach your shaving or beard routine is about to change – ClarinsMen Shave and Beard Collection

Clarins and their innovative Laboratories have been at the cutting-edge of skin care for over 60 years. Their unique expertise has resulted in the ClarinsMen range, a groundbreaking range in the field of men’s skin care. To target men’s specific needs – the need for energy, comfort and high-performance skin care – 17 cutting-edge products were developed to provide tailor-made solutions for every need, at every moment of a man’s life.

As we all know men today are as likely to have a beard, as not, but more and more we all have concerns about our physical appearance. To meet these new needs, adapted skin care inspired by the experience of renowned master barbers was required. And so Clarins created a dedicated line of incredibly effective, easy-to-use products.

THE RESULT? Expert, targeted skin products at the cutting-edge of shaving and beard care.At the heart of of the new range’s formulas lies the power of plants. Clarins Research has developed a complex with plant extracts with proven effectiveness, perfectly adapted to the specific nature of men’s skin.

Hero products within the range include the Smooth Shave Foaming Gel. For a close, clean and easy shave, in one stroke. This creamy, comfortable, foaming gel envelops and softens beard hair. It helps prevent uncomfortable, irritated skin after shaving. Thanks to its rich protective and effective foam, you’re shaved in no time every morning, and ready for action. It also makes short work of a 5 o’clock shadow before a night out. Skin is soft, fresh and comfortable after your shave

Another is the After Shave Soothing Gel. For the skin it helps to soothe uncomfortable, red and irritated skin after shaving. The skin is instantly refreshed, moisturized, smooth and matte. But equally for a beard, thanks to mastic extract, it strengthens and softens beard hair. It’s the expert, easy-to-use 2-in-1 gel which grooms your beard in one step !

Now we couldn’t talk about this range without mentioning the Shave + Beard Oil. For a super-comfortable, close shave: It softens beard hair, facilitates razor glide and also helps to soothe uncomfortable, irritated skin after shaving. Non-oily and non-sticky, it leaves no oily film on the skin. For daily beard care: contains mastic extract to strengthen hair and castor oil to soften the beard. The result: your beard is supple, smooth, perfectly groomed and feels soft. This dry oil can be used in 3 different ways: it will be your new essential. For an easy shave: apply alone, preferably on damp skin, or before Smooth Shave Foaming Gel for really smooth razor glide. As daily beard care: rub a few drops between palms and apply to the beard, to soften and revitalize beard hair.


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