The cost of a good night’s sleep: One quarter of us invest in a good night’s sleep

New research1 from American Express reveals that one quarter (26%) of UK adults have purchased a product or service to help them get a better night’s sleep, with £1.3 billion being spent by Brits on helping them sleep more soundly in the past year.

With two in five Brits saying they get six hours of sleep or less a night on average (39%), UK adults are increasingly looking for help to get that all important night’s rest. Adults up and down the country are becoming more aware of the benefits of a good night’s sleep, with 67% of Brits rating sleep as ‘very important’ for their overall health and wellbeing, more than eating healthily (55%), having a healthy work-life balance (54%), and getting regular exercise (47%) on their list of priorities.

Of the quarter of Brits who have ever purchased a product or service to help them get a good night’s sleep, just over half (53%) of this group have purchased this since the start of 2021.

The research revealed that buying a new mattress is where Brits have spent the most of their money in a single purchase when trying to improve sleep, with nearly one in four (23%) stating that a new mattress helped them to get the best night’s sleep of all sleeping products they have tried. The most popular items purchased to help get a good night’s sleep in the past year were herbal remedies, followed by noise cancelling items (e.g. ear plugs) and new bedding.

Popular items purchased to help get a good night’s sleep in the past year:

1 – Herbal remedies

2 – Noise cancelling items (e.g. ear plugs)

3 – New bedding

4 – Items to cover eyes (e.g. eye mask)

5 – Aromatherapy

6 – Wearables (e.g. Apple Watch, Fitbit)

7 – New mattress

8 – Light blocking items (e.g. curtains)

Nearly one in four of those who have used these products or services stated that they had more energy in the day, and that it improved their mental wellbeing (both 24%).

But why are Brits finding it hard to drift off? Research revealed that the biggest barrier to getting a good night’s sleep is worrying about work, with one in five stating this is the greatest issue (20%). Other barriers revolve around health issues (17%), thinking about the next day (15%), and the environment they are trying to sleep in being counterproductive (13%).

Dr Katharina Lederle, Sleep Scientist and Therapist, said: “We have woken up to the benefits of sleep – for our physical health, our performance, and, perhaps most importantly, how we interact with others around us. Having slept well puts a smile on our face and makes us feel good within ourselves. Naturally, we will invest in products and services that give us more of that.

“Because different factors can trigger sleep problems, the solutions will vary between people. Physical pain or discomfort while lying in bed might be easily solved with a new mattress, yet stress and worrying are also common sleep stealers, and with herbal remedies claiming to provide some relief it makes sense that this is the most sought-after product group.”

Based on the research, American Express and Dr Katharina Lederle provide the following top tips for getting a good night’s sleep:

1 Ensure your bedroom is a calming environment – remove clutter and stick to neutral colours in your bedroom to ensure it is a relaxing environment.

2 Try a sleep or meditation app – listening to calming music, or investing in a sleep or meditation app before bed is a great way to calm your mind from thoughts and worries of the day. (You may want to make use of the meditation app during the day too!)

3 Join an exercise or calming yoga class, or go out for a walk – not only are these a great way to get your body moving and tire you out ready for sleep, classes such as yoga are a great way to focus and clear a busy mind.

4 Invest in a good mattress – research revealed that purchasing a good mattress was most beneficial in helping Brits get a good night’s sleep. When purchasing a mattress or mattress topper, remember to put your spend on a cashback or rewards Card so you can earn something back on your spending.


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