Take a walk on the Dark Side – DC Shoes X Star Wars

Building on their recent footwear and apparel collection, that celebrates the original trilogy, with a focus on Star Wars: A New Hope. The collection featured five unique character-driven capsules that highlight character art of Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, the X-wing/R2-D2, and the stormtroopers. This time the action sports brand DC Shoes is once again collaborating with Lucasfilm on a new snowboarding collection inspired by the original Star Wars trilogy, think if you were Holidaying on Hoth. The collection features two distinct capsules, with one celebrating the iconic character, Boba Fett while the other finds inspiration from the dark side, in the Sith.

The Boba Fett capsule features a custom camo print and branding details inspired by his Mandalorianarmor. The camo stands out on some of DC’s outerwear staples. From the jackets and pants to the mittens and hoodaclava, the Boba Fett capsule even includes DC’s top-of-the-line Phase Boot. But the real standout of the collection is the Boba Fett snowboard. With vintage artwork of the notorious bounty hunter on the topdeck, this is a collector’s dream come true.

The Dark Side capsule features a custom galaxy print where you can see some of the Imperial Army’s most recognizable ships when you look closely among the stars. Aurebesh script and the iconic yellow Star Wars logos add the extra authenticity, but the fans are sure to be most excited about the lining print that features a vintage collage of the most iconic villains from the Star Wars galaxy, including Darth Vader himself. This print is also found on the topdeck of the Dark Side snowboard.

This is a great collection sure to make a statement on the slopes, channel the force within you and make some powder fly on the piste!


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