The Eternal battle between the Eagle, Snake and Dragon by Maharishi

Founded in 1994 by Hardy Blechman, Maharishi explores the dualistic nature of the universe – expressed through blending Eastern and Western silhouettes and graphic influences, taking a pacifist approach to military-grade utilitarian design, representing camouflage as a symbol of nature and art, and respecting nature whilst utilising technology. This season Maharishi present Battle Royale, the ancient symbolic theme of the opposing forces of the Eagle, Snake and Dragon, locked in eternal battle, yet in balance.  

Classic Original Snopants with intricate freehand-machine embroidery, upcycled military surplus and organic cotton/hemp blend staples are offered alongside technical styles. The collection blends Eastern & Western silhouettes, infused with details from early experimental U.S. Army Air Force flight uniform.  

Oversized and asymmetrical jackets, cargo pants and head wear are offered in Eco Cotton Hemp Ventile – a blend of premium hemp fibres and organic cotton that creates an extremely breathable and naturally water resistant cloth.  

The Cubist art movement allowed for the first abstract renditions of nature to be conceived by artists and directly inspired the earliest military camouflage patterns. Cubism now inspires DPM: Cubist Paratrooper, Cubist MA University and T-Shirt prints within Maharishi Autumn Winter 2022.


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