Building up a sweat with BAST PARIS

Launching a new beauty and grooming range into an overcrowded market is incredibly difficult. One brand that think they have cracked this conundrum with a different and unique selling point is BAST PARIS.

Every sport has its own challenges and pains. BAST PARIS believe that mental and physical preparation is the secret of overcoming any obstacle, they have decided to explore how products combined with mental and physical routines can support athletes in reaching their goals. 

Created in 2015 by David Frossard and Mats Johansson, a combination of French fighting spirit and Swedish craft.

BAST – Is a body care brand that supports and champions active lifestyles both pre & post workout. All BAST body care products are developed and produced in Halmstad, Sweden, and are designed to help feel good fitness enthusiasts prepare for physical routines, prevent injuries and take care of the skin, body and mind take care to prevent other negative effects of rough training and more.


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