Sun kissed – Wake Skincare’s new Facial Cleanser

After a day in the heat or in the sun, our skin doesn’t always feel its best.  Our skin can be dehydrated from the rising temperature, our excess sweating mean more oil on the skin and the sun itself can lessen moisture within the skin.

It’s important to take care of your skin during these times, including a good cleanse to help remove grime and sweat, whilst restoring some moisture & hydration to your skin.  This is where Wake Skincare’s new Facial Cleanser can help.

The gel formula cleanser works for all skin types and is made with vegan and cruelty-free ingredients.  Glycerine and propanediol help to retain the skin’s moisture, refresh the skin’s surface, and reduce the signs of ageing, helping to make skin feel soft and balanced while lifting sebum and impurities off the skin and helping to fight breakouts.  Aloe Vera within the formulation helps soothe the skin.


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