Slow down the Ageing Process with Slow Ageing

Slow Ageing, is a brand that focuses on empowering its customers to embrace more ritualistic self-care moment’s using only the finest, purest, and most active distilled essential oils and botanicals, ideal for busy dads to slow down and de-stress this Father’s Day, hint, hint.

After all that has gone on over the last two, or so, years, it’s important for us to give ourselves some well-deserved time to slow down and invest in ourselves and a relaxing grooming routine. Slow Ageing has us covered with a deep dive into self-care, de-stressing and relaxation.

According to Cosmetic Business, a new wave of wellness and beauty brands are being fronted by male celebrities who are aiming to normalise the use of skincare or cosmetics as self-care, and by doing so, highlighting the benefits that they can bring self-confidence and how a person feels. Celebrities such as Idris Elba and Pharrel are among the male celebrities aiming to rebrand personal care as a form of self-care and bring self-care for men further into the public consciousness.

Slow Ageing celebrates the importance of self-care by slowing down and resetting – especially with life returning to normal and many of us neglecting the routines we adopted in lockdown. With a philosophy of ‘start your morning slow before you get fast’, the Slow Ageing face and body range is an award-winning capsule collection of natural skincare essentials consisting of seven products formulated to bring out the best in each other – because less is more.

Slow Ageing guides us how to de-stress and slow down:

For the face: The Slow Ageing Facial Essence works as the perfect product to add to your self-care ritual in the morning to honour some quality time for yourself. The Facial Essence has the purest steam-distilled essential oils, including ylang-ylang, rosemary, nutrient-rich hazelnut carrier oil, and as well as chamomile, working to calm and soothe the skin.

For the body: Slow Ageing enables you to unwind and relieve stress with the aid of the Essential Bath & Shower Essence and Essential Firming Body Essence . Both products have soothing pure essential oils to help harmonious balance to the mind and body for the ultimate self-care treat. A bath is one of the best ways to unwind for a good night’s sleep so take a moment to submerge into your bath, or slip into the shower, with the Bath Essence – a mood restoring botanical essence.

Slow Ageing understand you can’t stop the ageing process but with the right rituals, you can slow it down. 100% clean, 100% authentic, 100% sustainably sourced and 100% effective.

Slow Ageing face and body collection, offers natural skincare essentials consisting of seven products formulated to bring out the best in each other – because less is more.

Made in the UK and powered by plants, Slow Ageing aims to create a ‘clean beauty’ movement one glass bottle or jar (100% recyclable) at a time, using no outer packaging for products and instead wrapping them in beautiful reusable cloth bags instead.


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