Have a good night’s sleep on anatomē

A good nights sleep is worth it’s weight in gold and we only know the true value of it, when we experience a lack of it

Well, Brendan Murdock, founder of anatomē, may well have the answer for you in creating a calming and contemporary brand, which is driven by a simple belief that nutritional and emotional balance is the key to a healthy, fulfilling life and that a healthy, nourished body will support a healthy mind.

Anatomé have exciting new products and have just launched 4 new sleep soundtracks to create a sensory experience with the brand’s 4 sleep oils.  The collaboration is with recording artist, Snoozy, produced and mixed with Grammy award winning producer, Jonathan Quarmby and will be streamed on Apple and Spotify.

Clients are encouraged to listen to the recordings before sleeping,  simultaneously applying the sleep oils or pillow spray for an immersive sensory experience.

The 4 tracks take the listener on a sonic journey through the landscapes linking them to the ingredients of each anatomé sleep oil blend, Cornish Lavender, Somali Frankincense, Blue Chamomile and Japanese Seaweed. Grounded in sleep science, peer reviewed studies have found that listening to natural sound affects the bodily systems that control the ‘flight or fright’ and rest digest but autonomic nervous systems with associated effects in the resting activity of the brain.

The project is a continuation of sleep months these formulations are at the core of everything anatomé do, see the new formulated Recovery + Sleep Pillow spray, Candles and Recovery + Sleep tea leaves…


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