It’s not just about Flip flops – Havaianas

Did you know that since its creation, over 4 billion pairs of Havaianas have been sold. If lined up all together, they would go around the Earth about 40 times

Back in 1962, while the rest of the world was busy with more ‘serious’ matters, the shoe which has become synonymous with holidaying was born in Brazil: Havaianas, the original, 100% rubber flip-flop. Modelled on the Japanese Zori slipper, Havaianas insoles still have a textured rice pattern to this day and was named Havaianas in honour of the Hawaiian pleasure-centred approach to life.

But, the humble, footwear of choice to the Brazilian working class has created somewhat of a viva revolution in its own rights. It has evolved and spread it’s unique colourful love into espadrilles, trainers and even added a bit of Brazilian colour to the Great British Welly !

Now in 2022 Havaianas launch their next products of interests and have dived into athleisure with the Men’s Rainbow Eco Sweat Hoodie and Rainbow Eco Sweat Pants.

Embodying the laid back Havaianas lifestyle, the first apparel collection from Havaianas, both the Rainbow Eco Sweat Hoodie and Rainbow Eco Sweat Pants feature the classic brand rainbow stripe embroidery, and have a regular, relaxed, casual fit.  

Perfect for hitting the gym, relaxed weekend wear or to travel in, both the hoodie and sweat pants are available in classic black and olive.


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